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Roethlisberger On Status Of Radio Show For 2019: ‘I Haven’t Made A Final Decision Yet’

Several weeks ago, a report stated that Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was expected to relinquish his regular weekly radio show in Pittsburgh prior to the 2019 regular season. That report, however, didn’t come from a very credible source and the validity of it should have been in question right from the start. During his recent one-on-one interview with Bob Pompeani of KDKA-TV, Roethlisberger was asked to comment on the status of his radio show on 93.7 The Fan for the 2019 season and he let it be known that no decision has been made yet on if he’ll be continuing it.

“You know, honestly, I haven’t made a final decision yet,” Roethlisberger told Pompeani. “We talk a lot about it with my family, with my agents and the Steelers. I think people like it. People like that I can give them some inside access and things like that. And so we’ll make a final decision at some point moving forward and I think if we do it, it’ll be the best that we’ve ever done. If we don’t, there’ll probably a reason for that, too.”

The only reason that Roethlisberger’s radio show is in question for 2019 is because of the perceived drama that it’s caused in previous seasons when he’s said things at different times about teammates and coaches that were regarded as being unnecessary criticism at the time. For example, the comments that Roethlisberger made about wide receivers Antonio Brown and James Washington last season following the Steelers road loss to the Denver Broncos were highly questioned for several weeks and especially on the national level. It was deemed by many to be unnecessary drama added to the team by the unquestioned leader of it.

While Roethlisberger has indeed said some things over the years during his radio shows that he probably shouldn’t have, he has, as he made sure to rightfully point out during his recent interview with Pompeani, provided some very valuable insight to fans along the way. That insightful info has included the quarterback thoroughly breaking down both good and bad plays and what he saw during them.

For now, it doesn’t sound like we’ll know if Roethlisberger will continue his radio show for several more weeks. We might not even find out until after training camp starts in late July. Personally, I hope Roethlisberger does continue on with his radio show only with less finger-pointing and passive aggressive comments. Personally, I’m betting that Roethlisberger will ultimately decide to continue his weekly radio show that in the past has taken place every Tuesday and before head coach Mike Tomlin holds his weekly press conference.

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