Kareem Hunt Visiting High School Kids Telling Them Not To Repeat His Mistakes

The Cleveland Browns’ signing of former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt made a lot of people unhappy for a lot of reasons. That included fellow Browns running back Duke Johnson, who asked for his released, but Cleveland’s response to that was essentially, we don’t care.

Of course, the majority of those unhappy with the team’s decision to sign the former Pro Bowler hold that view more on moral grounds than anything else, but the Browns, helmed by John Dorsey as general manager, the man who happened to originally draft him, believe he not only deserves a second chance but is capable of making good on it.

For his part, he is spending his time, while he is not working with the team at their facility, trying to do good in the community. According to Dorsey, he has been paying visits to schools in the area, as well as from his hometown area (also in Ohio), talking to young kids about his experiences and hoping the persuade them not the make the same mistakes that he has.

I like the way he’s attacking this thing day in and day out”, Dorsey said. “I applaud him for what he’s doing on the field and how hard he’s working. But what people don’t realize is once he’s off the field, he’s doing things unannounced. He’s actually going out and talking to young kids and working behind the scenes to teach young kids, ‘don’t make the same mistake I made’”.

Of course actions speak louder than words, and while this deed qualifies as an action, the only way that Hunt will ever be able to redeem himself in the eyes of many is to lead a much better life, and to do so for an extended period of time. and some, as should go without saying, will never forgive him, or at least hold the opinion that he doesn’t deserve the opportunity to play in the NFL.

The running back has never been made available to the media since he was signed back in February, even though he has been at the facility as any other player would be able to be at this stage of the offseason, many of whom have already addressed reporters in one form or another.

The Browns signed Hunt to a one-year contract whose value took into account potential losses from a predictable suspension, which was eventually handed down in the form of an eight-game dismissal. Cleveland has petitioned the league to try to allow him to be with the team during that time. His contract includes no guarantees, so he will have the make the team to earn any of it this year, at least in Cleveland.

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