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Former NFL WR Steve Smith Sr. Calls Steelers’ Steven Nelson An Average CB; Tells Him To Ice Up

The war of words between Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Steven Nelson and former NFL wide receiver-turned-NFL Network analyst Steve Smith Sr. continues on.

In case you haven’t been following along, a little over a month ago Smith listed the play of Nelson last season when he was with the Kansas City Chiefs as one of the reasons why that team didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.

“The biggest game of their [the Chiefs] career, the Patriots, [the] defense didn’t show up,” Smith said on ‘GMFB’ on the NFL Network when talking about what the Chiefs need to do this season to compete for a championship. “They got Tyrann Mathieu, they let go of Eric Berry, they let go of Steve Nelson, who he really didn’t cover very many people anyway. So, they really have to get some good guys in the back end in the secondary, because if they dont, they are going to find some trouble.”

Nelson eventually caught wind of what Smith said about him and took to Twitter to respond.

“Steve Smith I don’t know who paid you to talk crazy better go watch some more film sir but you can come out of retirement and get this work crazy you seen me in Atlanta for super bowl lips was stitched … we gone see I can’t wait I love all the hate #morelife #ongod,” Nelson tweeted out.

That tweet was followed by one that has since been deleted by Nelson and probably because of the foul language that was included in it.

“Gave up a td in afc championship so fuckin what … 4 picks 15 pubs season if you lost your money bc you bet on that game and you felt like that td hurt your pockets I’ll help you out prolly lost 200 gtfoh name a dB who hasn’t gave up a td I’ll wait …. cricket 🦗 🦗🦗😂😂😂”

Following the Steelers Thursday OTA practice, Nelson was asked about last month’s beef with Nelson and seemingly took another small shot at the former NFL wide receiver.

“That was funny, man,” Nelson said, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It’s fun to me. I like things like that. But obviously, he’s retired, and it’s easy to talk trash when you’re retired. It’s all good.”

Well, Smith, quickly got word of what Nelson said on Thursday and fired back a response via the Twitter account of Gerard Littlejohn, who is the director of his foundation. You can see the four part tweet below that included him making fun of Nelson referring to his coverage as island in addition to telling him to, “ice up, son,” which is a phrase he once used during his playing days when he clapped back once at NFL cornerback Aqib Talib during their war of words with each other.

Smith also called Nelson an average cornerback in his series of tweets and one that wouldn’t be allowed to cover him if the two every played against each other.


It will now be interesting to see if Nelson takes Smith’s latest media bait, or chooses instead to just move on to keep the Steelers drama machine from making another rotation.

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