Best Play/Worst Play: QB Ben Roethlisberger

Series we’re bringing back to Steelers Depot that we began last year. A snapshot of the Pittsburgh Steelers 2018 season, a look at the singular best and worst play from each player on the roster. If I wanted to sum up a players season in 30 seconds, these are the plays I would look at.

Let’s check out Ben Roethlisberger.

Best Play: 4th Quarter Throw Versus Tampa Bay

It’s a play I’m sure most fans don’t remember. Blame part of that on it coming early in the season, Week 3, and part of it on the long list of choices here. I’m sure many expected his game-winning dive against Jacksonville to show up on this list.

And I have no issue if that’s the play you want to include. But I wanted to focus on Roethlisberger the quarterback and the fact he can still make plays that make you shake your head and go how did he do that. Ones that remind you how good he still even though he’s a couple candles away from 40.

This came as the Steelers were clinging to a 30-27 lead against Tampa Bay with two minutes left in the 4th quarter. 2nd and long looming. Roethlisberger looks left off playaction for his first read but it’s taken away. There’s pressure after B.J. Finney gets beat, forcing him to evade and step out of a potentially disastrous sack.

It gets better from there. He stumbles, regains his balance, and has more pressure right in his face as the play breaks down. Somehow, and I still have no earthly idea how Roethlisberger saw it, he gets his eyes to JuJu Smith-Schuster, who he hadn’t locked onto for the entire play, and makes a total arm throw across his body to throw Smith-Schuster open in the middle of the field.

First down. Ball game. Wow.

Worst Play: Game-ending INT against Denver 

Yeah…what a mess. A hurried snap. A weird playfake. A defensive linemen somehow picking this pass. And then everything that happened afterwards with Roethlisberger inaccurate comments about Brown being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

This one doesn’t need much explanation.

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