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Schefter: Steelers Looking To Trade Into Top Ten

The Pittsburgh Steelers might have a VERY busy night one of the 2019 NFL Draft. According to Adam Schefter, who spoke briefly with ESPN in preparation for tonight’s event, Pittsburgh has made calls to try to leap into the Top Ten.

Here’s Schefter tweet on the Steelers making a move.

As Schefter indicates, the Steelers are unsurprisingly targeting a linebacker. While Devin White is possible, the more likely name is Michigan’s Devin Bush. Bush is considered one of the top two off-ball linebackers in this class.

While they could trade up anywhere, several reports indicate the Detroit Lions are looking to trade out of the #8 spot. That would allow Pittsburgh to leapfrog Denver and Cincinnati, who have picks #10 and #11 respectively, and figure to be in the running for Bush.

Of course, trading up that high and into the top ten would cost quite a bit. It would probably mean the Steelers dealing #20, #52, and something else, maybe #83, to move up that high. But Kevin Colbert has ten draft picks this year and if there’s ever a time to be aggressive, this is it. Colbert has admitted the team hasn’t done a good job replacing Ryan Shazier and the dropoff at linebacker after the two Devin’s is steep.

We’ll keep you posted if a move happens.

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