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Listen: AB’s Pre-Trade Call With Rosenhaus Reveals Patriots Interest; Bills Ruled Out By Both

Want to hear an interesting podcast episode? Try this inaugural episode of The Boomin Experience Podcast, by former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and his personal DJ, DJ Legato.

This first episode includes fantastic audio from a phone conversation between Brown and his agent Drew Rosenhaus just prior to the wide receiver being traded to the Oakland Raiders.

During the phone conversation, you’ll hear Brown and Rosenhaus both agree that the Buffalo Bills aren’t a team that the wide receiver wants to get traded to. Additionally, you’ll hear that the New England Patriots were apparently in the mix to trade for Brown as well at some point.

“Yeah, well listen, I mean if it’s not the Raiders then we’ll make it work with the Eagles, or the Patriots or the Titans,” Rosenhaus tells Brown at one point during the conversation.

Rosenhaus also told Brown he wanted to try to get him traded to a good team with a good quarterback already in place.

“You know, I’m trying to push good teams,” Rosenhaus told Brown. “I want to make sure you go someplace where, you know, you’ll be on a good football team. You’ll be successful wherever you go, but I also like to see you with a good quarterback and a good team.”

Rosenhaus and Brown also apparently quickly ruled the Bills out on their own and wouldn’t even give them a number.

“Like when the Bills call me today, and they say if we make the trade, what are you guys looking for, and I won’t even give them a number because I know you’d rather not go there,” Rosenhaus told Brown.

“Yeah, don’t even waste time,” Brown replied.

Rosenhaus talked more about the Patriots potentially being interested in trading for Brown and how that would be great for his career.

“I put (Patriots head coach Bill) Belichick in touch with Kevin Colbert today,” Rosenhaus says early in the talk. “From the Steelers’ standpoint… They want the most compensation. I really want you to have a good quarterback and I want you to be in a (winning environment) man.”

According to Rosenhaus, the Steelers maintained open communication at all times with him and were more than willing to trade him to the Patriots if the proper compensation was there.

“The Steelers have been good communicators with me,” Rosenhaus said. “We’ve talked a couple of times every day about the teams, and they know that it’s important to us, that’s why they opened it up for the Patriots as well. And that’s a good development for us that they’re now willing to trade you to New England. So now it’s a process of New England stepping up.”

Rosenhaus also revealed to brown early in the conversation that it was looking good for him to get traded to the Raiders at that particular point in time.

“Oakland, I think, is fading, man,” Rosenhaus told Brown. “I just, I kind of get the sense that they’re fading a little bit. It really sounds that way from what I’m hearing around the league, AB… I wouldn’t rule Oakland out, but I don’t want to get your hopes up.”

NSFW explicit language used:

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