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Former Steelers LB Chad Brown Sees AB Doing Himself No Favors For Potential Employers

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find anybody who is on Antonio Brown’s side at this point, outside of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ locker room. At the very least, some of the team leaders have come out and said that they ultimately want to work things out with the wide receiver.

Just about everybody else, however, has really questioned his judgement, and that includes former Steelers linebacker Chad Brown, who even questioned if Brown was high during his appearance making the media rounds during the Super Bowl.

I see a guy who is not doing the things, personally, to allow him to be perceived in a positive light, either from his teammates, from the public, or from the rest of the league”, he said recently while making an appearance on The Fain.

“Certainly to go down to the Super Bowl and have a good time is not something new to me. I’ve seen lots of players do it”, he said. But “allow yourself to be in front of a camera, he’s definitely not giving himself the best chance for success to look like a guy who wants to be a Steeler in the future or who wants to play for anybody in the future”.

Now, I’m not going to double down and back Chad Brown in saying that AB looked high, or at least any more high than he always does, because quite frankly, the means through which he expresses himself can frequently be perceived as being the product of herbal influences.

But what the former linebacker is right about is that he really hasn’t done anything in a good long while that actually makes himself look like a person that any team would want to add to their locker room, at least off the field.

“The perception amongst the rest of the team is that it still has to be fair and the reports that I’ve read are true about not coming to team meetings and showing up late repeatedly and all that, that does become a distraction”, Brown said, “and it does create an impression in the locker room that not only are you a favorite but now the treatment of me is unfair because you come down on me for each little mistake that I make but these guy over here gets to do whatever he wants. So it’s a very fine line when you’re dealing with those type of personalities”.

It’s becoming harder and harder with each passing day to envision any likely path that would see the Steelers and Antonio Brown remain together, and that is largely just because Brown is doing a good job of making himself look like a person nobody would want to hire.

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