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Antonio Brown Looking For Guaranteed Money On His Way Out Of Pittsburgh

Antonio Brown doesn’t just want to get out of Pittsburgh.

He wants to get paid.

At least, that’s been his most recent indication. Brown went on a relatively length Instagram Live video last night, running on his treadmill while discussing his future. Again, he’s taking the “I’m a free agent approach,” imploring other teams to contact him.

Brown also signaled the desire for “guaranteed money” from his new team, repeating that line several times.

That would signal a new contract from whatever city he ends up in next. Compared to where the position is at now, Brown is on a relatively friendly deal. The total value of his current contract is now just eighth of all receivers, he’s no longer the highest paid wideout in the game – that goes to Odell Beckham Jr. – and he has the eighth lowest percentage of contract guarantees of the top ten richest receivers in football.

Brown has three years left on the mega-contract he signed in February 2017. For his base salary, he’s set to earn $12.65 million in 2019, $11.3 in 2020, and $12.5 in 2021.

It’ll be another hurdle for the Steelers to clear in trying to trade him. Not only does any new suitor have to deal with his off-field antics, league investigations, and general attitude problems, they’ll have to reward him with a new contract in the process.

Add all that up and you have Pittsburgh working without much leverage. Brown continues to make it clear he no longer considers himself a member of the Steelers – his current contract says otherwise, obviously – and wants out as quickly as possible. As we’ve said before, and many in the media believe this too, if Pittsburgh can get a second round pick for him, it’ll be considered a success.

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