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Standoff With Broncos Over Munchak Could Turn Into Bidding War

Outside of Antonio Brown, the biggest question that the Pittsburgh Steelers are currently facing in the very early days of the offseason in 2019 is whether or not they are going to have to move on with a new offensive line coach, as the Denver Broncos are reportedly very aggressively pursuing Mike Munchak to come on board in the same role.

Munchak was one of two finalists that the Broncos considered for head coach before they turned to Vic Fangio, but he reportedly impressed them so much that they are continuing to make a hard press to bring him on board—and of course they have the added perk of being the city in which his daughter and her family lives.

According to Mile High Sports Radio host Les Shapiro, as of yesterday evening, the Broncos continue to negotiate with Munchak, who remains in Denver, and he speculates that they will probably have to “pay him close to $1.5 mil to make lateral move”.

Munchak, 58, has spent his entire coaching career working with the offensive line outside of a three-year stint as head coach while with the Tennessee Titans. Offensive line is what he knows, and where he excels, so it’s no surprise that he would be in high demand.

Shapiro continued to fill in more blanks, including a potential reason that Gary Kubiak will not return as offensive coordinator. It is believed that he would have wanted to bring in his own staff, which would have included his own offensive line coach. Denver wants Munchak.

He did say that he doesn’t know when a resolution to the situation might happen. The first domino might be offensive coordinator. The Broncos are hoping to interview Rich Scangarello for that position today. the 49ers previously denied them permission but it looks like it will now take place after all.

Another thing that Shapiro said is that Munchak would likely be paid more than their next offensive coordinator, especially if it is a less experienced coach like Scangarello. If he stays in Pittsburgh, that story will likely be the same.

Aditi Kinkhabwala previously reported that the Steelers are trying to do everything they can to keep Munchak in Pittsburgh, and from the sounds of it, that may end up mean getting involved in a bidding war.

I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that we are for that, and even a promotion if necessary. He has already been regarded informally as the team’s run game coordinator. We know that he is involved in roles beyond the offensive line. Might as well make it formal.

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