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JuJu Smith-Schuster: ‘No, I Don’t Want AB To Get Traded’

As you would probable imagine, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster doesn’t want to see fellow wide receiver Antonio Brown traded during the offseason.

In a recent Youtube video posted by Smith-Schuster, the young wide receiver answered several questions from fans and the most notably one included him being asked if he wants to see Brown traded during the offseason.

“No, I don’t want AB to get traded,” Smith-Schuster quickly replied, “He makes me better, he makes the team better. He’s awesome, he’s a great dude. But for myself, I learn a lot from him — just playing with him. If I want to increase my game to be the best, I gotta compete against him. So, I do not want him traded.”

While Smith-Schuster obviously doesn’t want to see Brown traded during the offseason, he might not ultimately get his wish. On Thursday Steelers team president Art Rooney II made it clear during an interview that while the team certainly won’t release Brown during the offseason, they are prepared to explore all other options if unable to reconcile the differences the two sides seem to have with each other following the wide receiver going AWOL during the few days prior to the teams regular season finale.

Some speculate that Brown’s final-week-of-season antics were partially related to Smith-Schuster being voted the team’s MVP this year instead of him. Brown finished second on the team in receptions and receiving yardage behind only Smith-Schuster this past season. Brown, in case you missed it, has now gone as far as to remove “Pittsburgh Steelers” from his Twitter bio. The wide receiver is also currently in Miami, FL.

You can watch all of the fan Q&A session with Smith-Schuster below as addresses topics such as video games, travel plans, his relationship status, teammates who talk the most trash and more.

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