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Antonio Brown Says He’ll Soon Address ‘Negative Speculations About My Character’

We’ve heard plenty about Antonio Brown since the 2018 season ended. But we’ve heard very little from AB himself. That changed a bit today. On Instagram Live, Brown said he would soon address his critics.

“For all the negative speculations about my character, I’ll be addressing it soon. I’ll be sure to tap in with you guys. But it’s all positive. I’m 31. I’m still excited to play. I’m here with one of my mentors, one of my brothers,” Brown says in the above clip.

That mentor is Chad Johnson, who Brown has appeared to spend a good portion of the offseason with already. He posted workout videos with the former Bengals’ receiver last week. The two were smoking cigars during the video.

Brown also said the “interview” with James Harrison was nothing more than a joke. The two watched Mike Tomlin’s end-of-year press conference. Reportedly, the two were going to conduct an interview but were advised against it at the last moment.

“The press conference with James Harrison was all a joke. I was over there chilling with him. All a joke, man.”

Brown claimed he would address the negativity at a later date.

“But on a serious note, I’m going to address some stuff at a later date. Deeper details. All positivity, all encouraging…my actions will speak louder than my words. My actions speak louder than anything I could ever say. So stay by the phone.”

Yesterday, he posted a photo of him and Art Rooney II shortly after Rooney’s comments about Brown went public. Rooney indicated Brown has yet to speak with the team despite the many attempts to reach out to him and his camp. His future as a Steeler is unknown though for him to remain in Black and Gold, he’s going to have to mend these fences. That starts with communicating with ownership.

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