Antonio Brown Removes Steelers Reference From Twitter Bio

I know this story, on its surface, seems a little silly. It’s a very 2019 one to write about. But if you wanted further indication of Antonio Brown’s unhappiness in Pittsburgh, or at the least, willingness to be traded somewhere else, you have an extra piece of evidence Sunday night. Brown removed references to the Pittsburgh Steelers from his Twitter bio.

Compare and contrast from the screenshot I snagged January 2nd.

Previously, Brown unfollowed the team’s Twitter account. He’s also gone around playing up a potential landing in San Francisco too.

Obviously, doing this doesn’t mean Brown will be traded. That can’t even happen until the window opens in early March. But remaining in Pittsburgh depends entirely on him rebuilding the fractured relationship he has with coaches and ownership. Doing something like this hints at an unwillingness to fix things. At that point, the Steelers will have no choice but to trade him.

Art Rooney II indicated last week Brown still hasn’t spoken with the team since the final regular season game, when he reportedly left at halftime after speaking with Mike Tomlin prior to kickoff. Brown recently said he would soon address his critics though only specified that will happen at a “later date.” He’s spent much of the offseason hanging out with Chad Johnson, who he considers a mentor.

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