2018 NFL Week 14: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of yinz and welcome to Week 14.

Where has the time gone? This season really seems to have flown by and after the Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday road game against the Oakland Raiders the team will have just three regular season games left with two of them being home games. Their other game will be on the road against the New Orleans Saints.

It goes without saying that the Steelers better take care of business Sunday afternoon in Oakland. It would also be nice to see the Baltimore Ravens lose on Sunday to the Kansas City Chiefs. However, the Ravens do have a good enough defense to keep the Chiefs offense in check so that should be a fun game to watch prior to the Steelers game against the Raiders.

Due to a few recent medical setbacks, I now have another slew of doctor visits on the calendar between now and the end of the year. It starts with a Comprehensive Cancer Centers visit at about the time this post goes live. Earlier this week I had more blood labs, so fun, fun, fun. Say a tiny prayer for me.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer ahead of the Steelers game kicking off on Sunday in Oakland and hopefully several will do just that in the comments below.

Have a great and safe weekend and peace and love to all of yinz!

Go Steelers!

1 – What will the Steelers record be in their final 4 games against the Raiders, New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints and Cincinnati Bengals? Predict the outcome of those games in order for extra credit points to be decided by David O.

2 – Will Steelers running backs Stevan Ridley and Jaylen Samuels combine to have at least 125 total from scrimmage on Sunday against the Raiders?

3 – The Raiders defense has recorded only 7 sacks by players still on their roster. Will the Steelers offensive line keep a clean sheet against them on Sunday?

4 – Raiders quarterback Derek Carr has been sacked at least three times in 5 straight games. Will the Steelers defense record more than 3 sacks of Carr on Sunday in Oakland?

5 – Name the Steelers player who will have the longest gain, rush or reception, on Sunday in Oakland against the Raiders.

Bonus – Raiders tight end Jared Cook has registered 14 receptions of 20 yards or longer this season and those catches have totaled 378 yards, an average of 27 yards. Will Cook have at least one reception Sunday against the Steelers of at least 25 yards?

Recap of Week 13 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1 – Ben Roethlisberger never crossed the line of scrimmage with the ball in his hands against the Chargers. Only 27.6% of respondents correctly answered that he would not rush for 6 or more yards in the game.

Question 2 – Ben’s interception at the 8-yard line turned out to be the only turnover of the game. We did better as a group with 63.8% predicting that the Steelers would NOT win the turnover battle outright.

Question 3 – The Steelers ended up with two offensive possessions that started beyond their own 45-yard line. The first was when Ryan Switzer fair caught a punt at the Charger’s 48-yard line. This drive ended with James Conner scoring his second touchdown. The second was the blocked punt that Jordan Dangerfield recovered at the Charger’s 34-yard line. Unfortunately, Pittsburgh had to settle for a field goal. This was the drive that Ben missed a wide-open Justin Hunter for a sure TD. 25.9% of respondents got this correct.

Question 4 – The Steelers first touchdown was a James Conner run after Antonio Brown caught a 46-yard pass but was downed at the 1-yard line. Interestingly, no one predicted that the first score would be an interception or fumble return. A few thought it would be a punt or kick return. Most said pass but 29.3% correctly called a run.

Question 5 – The 63 total points in this game comfortably exceeded the 50-point over/under for this game. If we were putting actual $$ on this, we would have broken the house as 72.4% took the over.

No one got the 5-point bonus for the second week in a row. But, five folks just missed by one answer. Phil Brennenman II again plus Wreckless, Keneyeam, IC in Cincy & Andi B. Kudos!


The Leaderboard after Week 13:

GreenBastard 66 1ST  
Matt Manzo 61 2ND  
ImMikeD 57 3RD  
don2727 53 4TH  
DirtDawg1964 50 5TH +1
ND_Steel 49 6TH (TIE) -1
Wes Lee 49 6TH (TIE)  
6 ring circus 49 6TH (TIE)  
B&G 48 9TH (TIE)  
AndrewWoo 48 9TH (TIE)  
keneyeam 48 9TH (TIE) +2
IC in Cincy 47 12TH +3
Beaver Falls Hosiery 46 13TH -2
hoptown 45 14TH (TIE) -3
Brian Tollini 45 14TH (TIE) -3
Ravens Team Gynecologist 45 14TH (TIE) +1
Phil Brenneman II 45 14TH (TIE) +5
pittfan 44 18TH (TIE) -3
Jeremy 44 18TH (TIE)  
Earl 43 20TH (TIE) -1
Marcel Chris Chauvet 43 20TH (TIE) -1
Greg Payne 43 20TH (TIE) -1
Ted Webb 43 20TH (TIE) *+4

*new to leaderboard


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