Le’Veon Bell’s Tweets Aren’t Aging Well

Le’Veon Bell is free to make whatever decisions he wants. If he chooses to sit out the entire season, as all reports now indicate, that’s his call. But the Bell of 2018 seems to disagree with Bell of a couple years ago.

Though far from the first time the Internet has dug up an athlete’s Twitter history, Bell’s past tweets totally contradict his present actions. Some of the most relevant ones.

That’s a Homer Simpson “Doh!” if I’ve ever seen one. Bell is doing the exact thing he said players shouldn’t do by sitting out all of 2018. But he says he loves the game.

And that it’s not about the money.

Which I guess in his case, maybe that’s still true? After all, he is leaving $14.5 million on the table…to chase bigger money in the offseason. So I dunno, maybe it’s a wash.

Confusion from Bell’s words and actions are nothing new. He’s flip-flopped so much over the last year I’m expecting him to run for Congress. During the offseason, he floated the idea of sitting out the entire year. Then he said he would show up Week One, decided not to, and seemed to plan to arrive by Tuesday’s deadline. Now, that doesn’t appear likely either.

Tuesday will provide our answer, once and for all, though either way, this saga might not be close to over. Fairly or not, he’s vaulted himself into one of the most hated Steelers in franchise history, right up there with Neil O’Donnell. Tell us in the comments below where you think Bell either ranks for you or will rank among the majority of Steelers’ fans.

Let’s be clear. All NFL players deserve to get paid and to be honest, probably a lot more than the league’s current CBA allows. And as far as “past tweets” go, this is downright tame. But if irony could be paid in dollars, Bell wouldn’t be sitting out.

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