2018 NFL Week 13: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to Week 13 of the 2018 NFL regular season.

The Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Los Angeles Chargers Sunday night in what figures to be a very good test for the home team. It figures to be the first of three very tough games remaining on the Steelers schedule. A win Sunday night will put the Steelers another step closer to locking up at least a Wild Card spot.

In case you missed the big NFL news earlier today, TMZ posted a video of Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt kicking a woman in a hotel this past February. It certainly will be interesting to see how both the Chiefs and the NFL handle this news over the course of the next 24 hours. Below is a link to the TMZ story.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer during this Friday night and they are listed below along with the current standings that David O. has tabulated.

Peace and love and Go Steelers.

1 – Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger needs 6 more rushing yards for 100 on the season. Will he get that amount or more Sunday night against the Chargers?

2 – The Steelers are -7 in turnover differential for the season entering their Sunday night game against the Chargers. Will they win the turnover battle outright Sunday night?

3 – How many offensive possessions will the Steelers offense start Sunday night past their own 45-yard-line?

4 – The Steelers first touchdown Sunday night will come via a/an?

a) run

b) pass

c) interception return

d) fumble return

e) punt or kickoff return

5 – The current over/under for total points scored Sunday night between the Steelers and Chargers is 50, according to Are you taking the over, the under, or exactly 50?

Recap of NFL Week 12 Friday Night 5 Questions

Question 1 – The Denver Broncos limited Antonio Brown to 67 receiving yards. This is below his average 72 yards receiving gained in two previous games played in Denver. It was also below the 80.7 yards a game he was averaging this season going into the game. Only 11.9% of respondents correctly predicted he would not exceed the average from the earlier two games in Denver.

Question 2 – James Conner ran the ball 13 times for 53 yards. He was 51 yards short of 104 in the game and 900 yards rushing for the season. 52.5% of respondents correctly said he would not hit 104 yards rushing though I suspect many believed he would be closer to the mark.

Question 3 – Vince Williams had one sack while Cam Heyward & Javon Hargrave combined for a second. Case Keenum was mostly unpressured on passing downs. This might be a contributing factor to the lack of turnovers. Respondents predicted from 1 to 7 sacks with a median response of 3. Seven folks called Keenum being sacked a total of 2 times.

Question 4 – The over/under for the total points in the game was 46.5. 24 + 17 = 41. The four Steelers turnovers ensured a low score but this game came down to Ben’s last pass. The 49.2% that took the under won the point.

Question 5 – 91.5% of respondents predicted a Steelers win and got a goose egg. 91.5% said the Ravens would win and were rewarded with a point. The 62.7% that picked the Browns over the Bengals got a point.

No one got the 5-point bonus this week though Phil Brenneman II came close. He just missed by picking the Steelers to win and predicting AB exceeding 72 receiving yards.

The questions are challenging and it is difficult to get a high score week to week. A perfect score would be 141 points with bonuses for weeks 1-12 (not including the Pro Bowl predictions). There is plenty of time to work your way up the leader board. The race at the top is starting to tighten up.

The Leaderboard after Week 12:

GreenBastard 62 1st  
Matt Manzo 57 2nd  
ImMikeD 55 3rd  
Don2727 50 4th  
ND_Steel 47 5th  
DirtDawg1964 46 6th (tie) -1
Wes Lee 46 6th (tie) -1
6 ring circus 46 6th (tie) +2
B&G 45 9th (tie)  
AndrewWoo 45 9th (tie) +1
Beaver Falls Hosiery 43 11th (tie) +1
hoptown 43 11th (tie) +2
keneyeam 43 11th (tie) +2
Brian Tollini 43 11th (tie) +2
Ravens Team Gynecologist 42 15th (tie) -5
pittfan 42 15th (tie) -2
IC in Cincy 42 15th (tie) -2
Jeremy 41 18th +2
Earl 40 19th (tie) -6
Marcel Chris Chauvet 40 19th (tie) +1
Johnny Loose 40 19th (tie) *+4
Greg Payne 40 19th (tie) *+4
Phil Brenneman II 40 19th (tie) *+7

*New to leaderboard

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