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Antonio Brown Is Being Sued For Nearly Hitting Toddler With Thrown Furniture

It sounds like this week’s drama the Pittsburgh Steelers will have to deal with involves wide receiver Antonio Brown.

According to a Tuesday morning report by TMZ, Brown is being sued for nearly hitting a small child with some furniture he had thrown off the balcony of his 14th story apartment back in April.

Brown reportedly was in the middle of a “violent rage” when he threw some household items such as two large vases, an ottoman and other pieces of furniture off the balcony at a high-end apartment complex, nearly hitting a 22-month-old toddler and grandfather who were walking around near the pool of the complex.

The entire incident was reportedly captured on surveillance video and the police were called to the scene to investigate the matter.

The person suing Brown, Ophir Sternberg, the father of the child in question, is claiming the toddler was traumatized by Brown’s furniture throwing rage and is now suffering from night terrors as a result.

He has until Oct. 11, to respond to the lawsuit.

Additionally, a separate Tuesday morning report from CBS Pittsburgh indicates that a second lawsuit has been filed by the landlord of the apartment complex against Brown for damage to the unit and furniture. It also reportedly contends that Brown breached his lease agreement by “destroying, damaging defacing the premises, as well as furnishings and appliances” belonging to the plaintiff.

While it sounds like this was an unfortunate incident, it certainly appears as though Brown being a very rich and high-profile sports celebrity is the main reason why he’s being sued. It’s also funny that it has taken six months for this lawsuit to find its way to the light of the media.

While Brown might be asked about the lawsuit later this week when he talks to the media, I doubt he’ll comment on it. Additionally, unless Brown settles out of court ahead of time, I really can’t see this lawsuit going anywhere. I’m not a legal professional, however.

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