2018 NFL Week 6: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to the weekend.

Week 6 of the 2018 NFL regular season is now upon us as it got underway Thursday night with the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New York Giants, On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers will play their first of two games this season against the Cincinnati Bengals and this one will be on the road. Should the Steelers lose to the Bengals on Sunday it certainly will make their road to winning the AFC North title this season a tough one. A win over the Bengals, however, will put the Steelers in a great spot heading into their bye week.

By now most of yinz have probably seen the complete devastation that occurred in Florida on Panama City Beach and Mexico Beach a few days ago as a result of Hurricane Michael. I lived in Pensacola for most of my life and thus have gone through my fair share of hurricanes. It’s not fun to track those storms annually when you live in Florida and it’s even worse having to deal with the damage one causes when it hits your city. That is one of the several reasons my wife and I decided to uproot ourselves from that state and move to Las Vegas. I don’t miss going through hurricane season one bit.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer on this Friday night and hope to have several to view in the comments below.

Have a great and safe weekend and we look forward to providing you the best and most compete coverage of the Steelers Sunday game against the Bengals moving forward through the weekend.

Peace and love, peace and love.

1 – Will Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict have some sort of questionable hit on Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster during Sunday’s game in Cincinnati?

2 – How many total accepted combined penalties will there be in Sunday’s game between the Steelers and Bengals? (must be exact number for credit)

3 – True or false: Despite being perfect on extra point and field goal attempts against the Bengals so far during his career, Steelers kicker Chris Boswell will miss at least one kick Sunday in Cincinnati.

4 – Will Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green have more than 81 yards receiving Sunday against the Steelers defense?

5 – Will Steelers running back James Conner have more than 120 total yards from scrimmage on Sunday against the Bengals? (For 5 bonus points, guess his exact total)

Bonus – Which team will win the Sunday night game between the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs?

Recap of 2018 NFL Week 5 Friday Night Questions

Question 1 – The Steelers defense limited Julio Jones to 62 receiving yards. He had been averaging over 125 yards a game. Calvin Ridley was averaging 66 yards and had six touchdowns coming into the game. He only had 38 receiving yards leaving Austin Hooper & Mohamed Sanu as the Falcon leading receivers but mostly underneath coverage. Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub combined for passing 305 yards but with the six sacks only netted 262 yards. Most folks were expecting a shootout but the 20.1% of people taking the under on 324.3 passing yards got the point for this question.

Question 2 – James Conner’s 110 rushing yards easily exceed the 80 yards benchmark set in this question. 61.9% of respondents were correct.

Question 3 – Ben Roethlisberger & Antonio Brown rebooted their router in the second half. The move worked as they got five bars on their Wi-Fi signal and connected for two touchdowns and completed the game with 101 receiving yards between them. Only 23.8% of respondents nailed this question.

Question 4 – This was tricky. There were six items on the Steelers punch list in this question. The median response was that the Steelers would only carry out three of them. The Steelers won the game and scored more than 29 points. L.J. Fort scored a defensive touchdown. Roosevelt Nix blocked a punt. The Steelers seven accepted penalties was under nine. That is five items. The only thing the Steelers did not do was record over 449 yards of total offense. They ended up with 381 total yards. Only one person pegged it. Well done, Josh Cummings.

Question 5 – called this well. Last Friday, their over/under for total points on Sunday’s game between the Steelers and Falcons was 58. The final score was 41-17. You can do the arithmetic. Nolrog was the only person to call it even. Impressive job!

This was a good challenge. With only one person being correct on two separate questions it is not surprising that only one person had the best score with three out of five. Kudos to Greg Payne for having the high score this week! He managed to climb onto the leaderboard along with BurghBoy412 & Pittfan.

The Leaderboard after Week 5:

GreenBastard 33 1st  
ND_Steel 24 2nd +1
Johnny Loose 23 3rd (tie) -1
DirtDawg1964 23 3rd (tie)  
B&G 22 5th  
6 ring circus 21 6th (tie)  
hoptown 21 6th (tie) +2
will 19 8th (tie) -2
ImMikeD 19 8th (tie)  
AndrewWoo 19 8th (tie)  
Jeremy 19 8th (tie) +3
Earl 18 12th (tie) -1
IC in Cincy 18 12th (tie) -1
Marcel Chris Chauvet 18 12th (tie) +3
Wes Lee 18 12th (tie) +5
Ted Webb 18 12th (tie) +5
Matt Manzo 18 12th (tie) +5
Stas 17 18th (tie) -7
SJT63 17 18th (tie) -3
Spencer Krick 17 18th (tie) -1
ThePointe 17 18th (tie) -1
pittfan 17 18th (tie) *
BurghBoy412 17 18th (tie) *
Greg Payne 17 18th (tie) *

*new to leaderboard

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