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Joe Greene Takes Veiled Shot At Le’Veon Bell: Selfish Players Would Be Gone In My Day

Whether you agree with the perception or not, Le’Veon Bell has been painted as a greedy, selfish player, especially after his offensive linemen ripped him to shreds last week. Joe Greene seemed to weigh in on the situation, not mentioning Bell by name but you can read between the lines.

This comes courtesy from Pro Football Weekly’s Eric Edholm, whose site sponsored a “Legends Night” for several former stars, including Mean Joe.

Again, no explicit mention but its an obvious dig at Bell.

Greene knows a thing or two about winning championships, the only non-Rooney of the organization to be apart of all six Super Bowls: four as a player, two as a scout. Greene retired from the latter in 2013. He helped turn the Steelers from lovable, laughable losers into a dynasty. Many in the current Steelers locker room are still searching for their first ring, Bell included.

And that’s understandably, at least partially, why the locker room was in uproar over Bell not showing up. It has nothing to do with money, every man in there wants and thinks Bell deserves all of that he can get. It has to do with a diminishing chance to win a Super Bowl and more importantly, the seeming deceit of Bell saying/implying he would be there Week One before bailing.

Bell, as I’m sure you know by now, officially failed to report for Week One, missing out on his weekly $855,000 game check. Now, it’s completely unclear when he’ll show up and totally possible that won’t happen until midseason. Earlier in the offseson, Bell floated Week 4 as a potential return date.

Just don’t expect a Christmas card from the o-line. Or Joe Greene.

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