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Antonio Brown Suggest He Be Traded In Response To Criticism From Former Steelers Employee

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown remains a very unhappy camper Monday morning and not fully 24 hours after the team’s home loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. Browns current unhappiness with how he was used during Sunday’s game and likely combined with how he’s currently being treated by fans and the media boiled over to his Twitter account Monday morning with him essentially, yet sarcastically, giving the go ahead for the Steelers to trade him to another team.

In response to a Sunday evening tweet by former Steelers public relations assistant Ryan Scarpino that was critical of Brown, the Steelers wide receiver tweeted back, “Trade me let’s find out”

Does Brown really want the Steelers to trade him? Probably not, but with that said, once again the wide receiver has put forth more bad optics and this time it’s coming on the heels of him threatening an ESPN writer for a recent story he wrote that negatively portrayed Brown. Brown later issued an apology for that tweet that he had deleted not long after originally writing it.

During Sunday’s home loss to the Chiefs, Brown wasn’t happy with at least one of the Steelers coaches and the CBS television cameras showed him having an animated discussion with offensive coordinator Randy Fichtner early in the fourth quarter. Brown might have been mad at Steelers wide receivers coach Darryl Drake as well.

After the game was over, Brown quickly left the Steelers locker room prior to the media arriving and once again he was portrayed in a negative light due to those actions.

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