When It Comes To Passer Rating, Roethlisberger Has Been A Model Of Consistency

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is entering his age-36 season and the twilight of his career. Though, you would not be able to tell judging by Roethisberger’s on field play. Through his twenties and thirties, Roethlisberger has kept the Steelers in contention, even through the transitional years, a big reason why the Steelers have not had a losing record since drafting him in 2004.  And while his career may be in its final chapters, let’s take a moment to appreciate what the organization has while he is still here, as for the better part of the last decade, Roethlisberger has put across one of the most consistent passer rating lines in NFL history.

Roethlisberger has brought a few guarantees to the table over his career, a winning attitude, a few subtle jabs at his coworkers and at least a 90.0 passer rating. With nine consecutive seasons with at least a 90.0 passer rating, not only does Roethlisberger carry one of the longest active streaks but his consistency has him in a special place in NFL history.

Roethlisberger has not had a season with a passer rating under 90.0 since 2008 and just trails Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers by one season for the longest active streak. In NFL history, the Steelers quarterback will need just two more seasons to tie the now retired Peyton Manning and three seasons to surpass him. With rumors floating that Big Ben wants to play anywhere from two-three more years and based off his track history, this goal is well within reach.

Perhaps it is not hitting just how incredible this feat of longevity and consistency really is, then consider some other notables from the leaderboard. Tom Brady currently has four consecutive seasons with a passer rating of 90.0 or higher and his career high is five consecutive seasons. Even the great Joe Montana only had three consecutive seasons with a passer rating of 90.0 or higher. Roethlisberger’s draft mates have not even gotten close to sniffing the success he has had as Phillip Rivers has had two stretches of three consecutive seasons but nothing more. While Eli Manning has had only two consecutive seasons of surpassing the 90.0 line.

Not impressed yet? Since the merger, Roethlisberger is third all time in NFL history for the most total seasons with a passer rating of 90.0 or higher. There is Brees and Manning both tied with 13 seasons a piece and then Big Ben right behind with 12. And with another consistent season, he can find himself second or perhaps even tied for first depending on how Brees performs.

Consider how many quarterbacks have come and gone in the NFL, how many have been complete busts, how many have been one-season wonders and how many have been just good enough. Now consider how many have been up to the level of play and consistency of Roethlisberger. Not many. And as the Steelers organization heads into their 2018 season, they do so with one of the finest models of consistency in NFL history.

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