Jalen Ramsey Unloads On NFL, Claims AB Is Reason For Roethlisberger’s Success

You want takes? Jalen Ramsey has some takes. He went all-in on NFL quarterbacks in an interview with Clay Skipper of GQoffering his opinion on several of the leagues top or newest quarterbacks. When it came to Ben Roethlisberger, Ramsey offered only very mild praise. Here’s what he had to say.

“Big Ben [Roethlisberger], I think he’s decent at best… It’s not Big Ben, it’s [Antonio Brown]. Big Ben slings the ball a lot of the time. He just slings it, and his receivers go get it. He has a strong arm, but he ain’t all that. I played him twice last year, and he really disappointed me.”

Ramsey did concede that Roethlisberger will end up in the Hall of Fame, though it doesn’t sound like Ramsey would be voting him in.

Of course, this is the same Roethlisberger who threw for 469 yards and 5 TDs while putting up 42 points on the vaunted Jags’ defense in the postseason. Ramsey is using what can now be known as the “David Carr excuse,” pinning the offense’s success on superstars like Antonio Brown. Brown made some incredible catches that day but Roethlisberger worked over Jacksonville’s secondary too.

By the way, Ramsey is suspended for one week after literally threatening war with the media all because they did their job.

The Jags corner also took jabs at Matt Ryan, calling him “overrated,” and destroyed rookie Josh Allen saying, “Allen is trash. I don’t care what nobody say. He’s trash.” That take is actually pretty fair.

Quarterbacks who Ramsey thinks are good? Russell Wilson, praising him for his leadership, and Derek Carr. And, uh, Blake Bortles. Sort of.

“Blake do what he gotta do… I think in crunch time moments, like last year’s playoff game—not as a team, because we would have trusted him—but I think as an organization, we should have trusted him more to keep throwing it.”

So to recap: Roethlisberger is successful only because of his receivers. And the Jags should trust Bortles in the playoffs.

Maybe Ramsey should join Big Ben in concussion protocol.

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