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AB Invites Dez To Sign With Steelers

Here’s something a bit crazy for you to ponder and discuss on this fine Sunday morning and it comes courtesy of Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

Brown took to Twitter Sunday morning to essentially invite free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant, formerly of the Dallas Cowboys, to sign with the Steelers. See for yourself below.

Bryant, who was released by the Cowboys back in April after playing 8 seasons in Dallas, is still looking for a place to call home in 2018. The latest reports have the Cleveland Browns showing a lot of interest in the former first-round draft pick out of Oklahoma State.

If you’ve paid attention to NFL news this past week, you noticed Bryant taking shots at the Cowboys following and interview that Stephen Jones, son of owner Jerry Jones and the team’s Executive Vice President, CEO, and Director of Player Personnel, did on SiriusXM NFL Radio a few days ago. Bryant actually reacted to Jones essentially being misquoted and it wasn’t a good look for the currently unemployed wide receiver.

Personally, I would hate to see Bryant land with the Steelers as he would certainly become a distraction at some point during the season. I don’t think any of us have to worry about that ultimately happening as the Steelers not only wouldn’t want to pay Bryant what he thinks he’s worth, he wouldn’t be guaranteed a starting spot alongside Brown to boot.

Instead, I would really like to see Bryant sign with the Browns as I think it would be hilarious to watch how his relationship with offensive coordinator Todd Haley goes. That would be a huge sideline blowup waiting to happen and probably much worse than the one Brown had with Haley last season in the game against the Baltimore Ravens.

While Brown might be wanting Bryant to be his teammate now, he better be careful what he ask for. Can you imagine those two on the same team with only one football to go around?

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