Antonio Brown Part Of ’99 Club’ In Madden 19

Not only is Antonio Brown the best wide receiver in real life, he’ll be the best receiver in this year’s edition of Madden. Brown is part of what EA refers to as the “99 Club,” the group of seven players given the games highest rating.

He even got a cool plaque to commemorate it.

The other six to receive a 99 rating include:

QB Tom Brady
QB Aaron Rodgers
TE Rob Gronkowski
OLB Von Miller
LB Luke Kuechly
DL Aaron Donald

Recently, team ratings appeared to be leaked but EA Sports said those ratings were unofficial and likely to change before the game’s release.

Brown, like he has in real life, has certainly come along away. In Madden 12, released before the 2011 season, Brown was rated 69 overall, tied with Arnaz Battle and David Johnson.

Madden 12 – 69
Madden 13 – 85
Madden 14/25 – 86
Madden 15 – 97
Madden 16 – 97
Madden 17 – 97
Madden 18 – 97
Madden 19 – 99

Madden 19 will be released nationwide August 10th.

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