What’s Your Unpopular Steelers Opinion?

If you’ve followed Twitter the past couple days, a trend of “unpopular opinions” has taken it by storm. Because they’ve gotten some fun responses and because I’m really, really bored right now, I’ll pose the same question to Steelers’ Nation.

What’s your unpopular Pittsburgh Steelers opinion? Seriously, nothing here is off limits.

Should the Steelers kick Le’Veon Bell to the curb? Was Bill Cowher not as good of a coach as fans think? Could Kordell Stewart have been a great quarterback? Doesn’t matter the era, doesn’t matter the topic, it’s all fair game.

I’ll get the ball rolling with one of mine, though it’s one you guys probably know by now. Hines Ward is definitely not a Hall of Famer in my mind and I don’t think he’ll ever make it into Canton. I think he absolutely belongs in the Coca-Cola Hall of Fame and forever in Steelers’ lore. But there was a very short time, if there was a time at all, he was among the best at his position. Receiver is a tough position to inducted into the Hall and the more time that passes by, the weaker his numbers will look compared to others. Being a great blocker or having a winning smile won’t resonate with national voters the way it does those in Pittsburgh.

So there’s one I know that makes some of you mad. Some of the other unpopular ones I have? Antwon Blake was a better corner than given credit for, Bud Dupree can still become a really good pass rusher, and that in a way, releasing Johnny Unitas was a positive thing for the greater good of the Steelers’ franchise.

Anyway, enough from me. I want to hear from you guys. By the way, feel free to debate those opinions below, a healthy discussion is always encouraged, but don’t flame anyone for their unpopular opinion. Because that’s sorta the point here.

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