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Steelers To Annnounce New Throwbacks May 30th

We don’t know what throwback jerseys the Pittsburgh Steelers will wear in 2018. But we know when they’ll let us know. In a tweet sent out by the team Thursday morning, the Steelers will make that announcement on May 30th, two weeks from now.

That falls in line with what Team President Art Rooney said in February. 

“We’re going to have a new throwback jersey this year, and we’ll have to decide when we’re going to wear that,” said Rooney. “We haven’t decided that yet. That’ll be another piece of the puzzle, and we’ll look closer at the schedule and make a decision on when. We’ve already decided on the throwback jersey, but we have a planned day to unveil it, so that will be coming up at the end of May.”

Pittsburgh has worn their 1934 “bumblebee” throwbacks since 2012. Here’s a look at the different uniform combinations they’ve worn throughout their history and possible options as the Steelers choice in 2018 and likely beyond.

Personally, I like the ’67 “Batman” jerseys and think there’s a good chance that’ll be their selection. But really, there are no bad choices and it’s always cool to honor the team’s extensive history.

Rooney also confirmed the Steelers will continue to wear their Color Rush uniforms even though the idea has been discontinued by the NFL. Teams now have the option to keep it in their lineup as a third jersey or get rid of them. The Steelers have chosen the former.

Which jersey would you like to see them wear this season?

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