Steelers Spin: Pittsburgh’s 7th Round Picks – A Historical Perspective

The seventh round of an NFL Draft is kind of like being in a restaurant when they start sweeping the floor and putting the chairs on the table.

Check please.

Only the true die hards keep watching live coverage of the draft all of the way through Mr. Irrelevant when typically the most interesting diversion is watching to see if one of Mel Kiper’s hairs springs out of place.

Perhaps the most significant seventh round pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers draft was the 220th selection. That was all they needed to trade to the Seattle Seahawks in exchange for moving up their third round selection in front of the Cincinnati Bengals in order to secure one of the great value picks in this year’s draft: Mason Rudolph.

Still, the Steelers had another giant seventh round pick up their sleeve, and this one resulted in the drafting of Joshua Frazier, a defensive tackle out of Alabama.

At 6’2” and 321 pounds, Frazier is believed to have the faith of his former coach and current Steelers defensive line coach Karl Dunbar.

Of course, drafting a player like Frazier was certain to fire up a rousing performance by the Dump Daniel McCullers Glee Club. These are the same folks who swore Big Dan would never make it past the first cut in his rookie summer camp.

Then they guaranteed he would never make a 53 man roster. Wrong. Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

And then they said there was zero chance he would be resigned in free agency.

You ever heard that song by Waylon Jennings? It’s called Wrong.

Maybe the Glee Club’s strange dream will finally come true.

In the meanwhile, McCullers will be working on his patented 360 degree spin move, a maneuver so secret he refused to display it in public last year.

Whatever your bias toward Big Dan is, you got to love the World Wrestling Federation kind of feel to McCullers vs. Frazier. The Big Dance with Big Dan.

May the best and biggest man win.

The Steelers sat out of the sixth round this year. Let’s take a look at General Manager Kevin Colbert’s greatest selections in the sixth since arriving at Pittsburgh to see what level of players they missed out on:

Pittsburgh Steelers Greatest Draft Hits From 2000 | Sixth Round

1 Antonio Brown WR 2010 Central Michigan
2 Vince Williams LB 2013 Florida State
3 Chris Kemoeatu G 2005 Utah
4 Jonathan Dwyer RB 2010 Georgia Tech
5 Anthony Chickillo LB 2015 Miami (Florida)

NEXT UP: Ryan Mundy (2008) LT Walton (2015)

NOTES: Yikes! Who says sixth round picks are throwaways? Considering he arrived in the sixth round, Antonio Brown is probably the Steelers best value pick ever. And he’s on the way to proving he’s the team’s best ever receiver, and that’s saying a lot in this franchise. After Brown, you get more lunch bucket type of guys, but still excellent value in the sixth round.

What about the seventh round?

Pittsburgh Steelers Greatest Draft Hits From 2000 | Seventh Round

1 Brett Keisel DE 2002 Brigham Young
2 Kelvin Beachum T 2012 Southern Methodist
3 David Johnson TE 2009 Arkansas State
4 Baron Batch RB 2011 Texas Tech
5 Tyler Matakevich OLB 2016 Temple

HISTORY SAYS: Colbert has performed some real magic in the seventh round, which is just one notch above undrafted free agents. From a value perspective he’s done some of his finest work in the seventh.

THE SPIN: Frazier, this year’s seventh round pick, because of his connection with Coach Dunbar, would seem to have the edge over former sixth rounder McCullers and could even be threatening another prior sixth rounder in L.T. Walton. One of the most interesting things to watch for in camp this summer will be discovering the difference in approach between Dunbar and his predecessor John Mitchell. Will Dunbar be a fresh start for McCullers, or will he be the one to give up on the team’s biggest experiment? McCullers vs. Frazier. Get your tickets before they are sold out.

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