Ryan Shazier’s Intense Rehab Leading To Continued Progress

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler has a brief update on Ryan Shazier’s rehab and progression in an article posted Tuesday morning. Though Shazier has gotten involved in coaching and scouting, maintaining an active role in the team as Kevin Colbert promised, most of his time has been spent in therapy.

From Fowler:

“Many days, Shazier gets up early, heads to the facility for workouts and meetings, followed by therapy and treatment. The work is tough but keeps Shazier connected.

Shazier is able to drive a car when necessary but often opts for a ride to focus on his rehab.”

Shazier was the highlight of the NFL Draft, taking his first public steps in a walk across the stage to announce the first round selection of Terrell Edmunds. Over the past several months, Shazier hasn’t shied away from public spotlight. He was at Ohio State’s Spring Game, a regular during the Penguins’ playoff run, and hosted a youth football camp with Jesse James earlier this month. And the public support has only uplifted his spirits all the more.

He’s also been around the Steelers facilities, engaged with the team while teammates are just happy to see him around and smiling, not stuck in the hospital the way he was after his injury.

“He’s always around. He’s in meetings, I see him working in the training room, working in the weight room,” Jesse James said in the ESPN article.

Although he’s been long ruled out for 2018 and already placed on Reserve/PUP, ending his season, there’s been no conclusions that his career is over. Of course, there is still a long ways to go and it’s possible Shazier will never play an NFL snap again, but the progress he’s made over a relatively short period of time – it’s only been six months since that Bengals game – leaves me optimistic that Shazier will at least have the choice if he wants to play again (he’s indicated he wants to) and not have it solely in the hands of doctors.

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