Post 2018 NFL Draft Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday once again to yinz and welcome to the weekend.

Wow! What an exciting week it has been to be a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Not only do we now have 20 new Steelers players to start studying more in-depth, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger went full Ben Roethlisberger during a Friday morning interview on 93.7 The Fan and his comments about the team drafting former Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph in the third-round last weekend are sure to be discussed throughout this weekend and into Monday.

Personally, I enjoy this time of year because we now can take extended time to fully research the Steelers draft picks and undrafted free agents. Additionally, we’re sure to get a few more quotes from several of the players once the team’s rookie minicamp gets underway. I love it, I love it, I love it.

By the time yinz read this I will probably be on my way to get my brain examined. I have a late Friday MRA scheduled to see if I have a brain aneurysm. If I don’t have one, then I will be prescribed Imitrex shots to help ward off future cluster headache attacks I’m sure to suffer. Here is a link that tells you more about those kind of headaches. I go in season every five years as it stands currently.

I will be headed to Washington D.C. on the 15th of May for a mini vacation of sorts with my wife and will be back in Las Vegas on the 21st. Alex Kozora and Matthew Marczi will be running things while I’m away. Right before then, however, I will have another colonoscopy done.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer on this Friday evening and I hope several of you will do just that in the comments below. Have a great weekend and peace and love to all. Thank you for visiting the site.

1 – Name a Steelers 2018 draft pick that’s most-likely to not make the 53-man roster this year.

2 – What did you like the most and least about what Roethlisberger said Friday morning during his radio interview? You can listen to it here.

3- When the dust finally settles in early September, will it be Landry Jones or Joshua Dobbs who fails to make the 2018 53-man roster?

4 – What one thing about Rudolph’s play in college are you most worried about?

5 – Fill in the blank: I’m still mad that the Steelers didn’t draft _________________________ this year.

Recap of Final 2018 Pre-Draft Weekend: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Question 1 – 45% of respondents could not name one player that they were very excited about the Steelers potentially drafting as the 28th overall selection. Eleven different players were named but the votes were spread out and none got more than two votes. Perhaps if the Steelers had a top 10 pick it would be easier to build consensus around one player. Terrell Edmunds – are you excited? The pick did make NFL history by making Terrell & Tremaine the first brothers picked in the 1st round of the same draft.

Question 2 – It was difficult to quantify all the responses on where folks would rank James Harrison as an all-time Steelers defensive player. A couple had him as high as top 5 all-time. Others had him in the top 15. One thing that was consistent was that virtually all placed James ahead of Joey Porter though some called it close. Two said they were equals and no one placed Porter ahead of Harrison.

Here are some stats to compare them. First set during their Steeler career; second is overall:

Years Seasons Games Starts INTs Pass Def FF FR Sacks Tackles Assist
Harrison 2002-17 14 177 107 7 25 33.0 8.0 80.5 554.0 206.0
Porter 1999-06 8 122 106 10 39 17.0 8.0 60.0 323.0 123.0
Team MVP Pro bowl 1st All Pro MVP/POY Safety DEF TD Play Off Games Play Off Starts
2 5 2 DPOY 1 1 18 12
1 3 1 1 3 10 10


Total career

Years Seasons Games Starts INTs Pass Def FF FR Sacks Tackles Assist
Harrison 2002-17 16 193 117 8 26 34 9 84.5 573 222
Porter 1999-11 13 188 171 12 46 25 10 98.0 498 167
Team MVP Pro bowl 1st All Pro MVP/POY Safety TD Play Off Games Play Off


2 5 2 DPOY 1.0 1.0 18 12
1 4 1 1.0 3.0 10 10


Of course the Defensive Player of the year in 2008 and the amazing interception return for a TD in the Super Bowl sets James apart.

Question 3 – 77% of respondents say that the Steelers should be looking for a free safety compared to 10% preferred the Steelers seek a strong safety. 13% indicated that the best safety prospect for the Steelers should have the skills to play either position. According to Kevin Colbert; one of the reasons they like Terrell is his versatility. He is capable of playing both strong and free safety.

Question 4 – The Raiders narrowly edged the Chargers as the toughest AFC West team will play in 2018. The median rank for both was 2; but the average rank fell slightly in Oaklands favor: 2.13 compared to 2.17 for San Diego. The Chiefs median rank was 3 with the average 2.47 while Denver had a median of 4 and average of 3.23 even though four voters ranked them the toughest. Since Mike Tomlin has been coach the overall record including playoffs against each team is: Raiders 2-3 (2-1 at Heinz); Chargers 4-1 (3-1 at Heinz); Chiefs 6-2 (3-0 at Heinz); & Broncos 2-4 (1-0 at Heinz).

Question 5 – 53% predict that Shaquem Griffin will be selected somewhere within the first three-rounds in this year’s draft. Some would like him to be the Steelers choice in the 3rd round. Gil Brandt had Griffin ranked # 92 which just so happened to be the Steelers draft position in the 3rd round. Hmmm…. Well, Shaquem was the 141st over pick; selected by Seattle in the 5th round.

Random factoid: 98 different Steelers Depot usernames have submitted at least one response since the 2018 offseason Friday night questions began 11 weeks ago. Eight folks have a perfect response record: Kudos to DirtDawg1964, Chris92021, SkoolHouseRoxx, Wreckless, Jason Campbell, Spencer Krick, Brian Tollini & Beaver Falls Hosiery.

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