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NFL Owners Vote To Make All Ejections Reviewable

There’s going to be a few things voted on the next few days at the The NFL’s spring owners meetings in Atlanta and as a result of that, a few rule changes are likely to be passed. In fact, one of those proposed playing rule changes passed on Tuesday and it revolves around the review process and player ejections.

According to the NFL Football Operations Twitter account, team owners voted on Tuesday to make all ejections (football acts and non-football acts) reviewable by the Officiating Department in GameDay Central.

Per a league release last week, the NFL Competition Committee submitted the proposal for all player ejections to become reviewable. The result of this rule change happening now permits the instant replay system to correct an officiating error that resulted in the disqualification of a player.

“Immediately when I learn in New York that there’s an ejection, I will ask the network to give me everything you’ve got,” Al Riveron, the Senior Vice President of Officiating of the National Football League, said. “I will take a look at it, I will rule on it and I will say yes, he’s ejected, (or) no, leave him in the game.'”

Previously, disqualification of players by an official was not reviewable. Personally, this appears to be a solid rule change on the surface.

Below is how the proposed rule change was submitted by the NFL Competition Committee of which Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin is a member of.

Playing Rules Proposals - Spring 5.22.18-ejections
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