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Joshua Dobbs Taking On Mentor Role For Rookies Like James Washington

I don’t think Joshua Dobbs expected to be in this position at this point in his career just a year ago. Drafted in 2017 in the fourth round, the second-year quarterback is already working with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ newest quarterback to help him grow. A quarterback that might cost—or help save—his job.

After the Steelers decided to pass on Mason Rudolph in the first round, most probably assumed that they made their decision about striking out for a future franchise quarterback this year, but they came back up to get Mason Rudolph when he fell into the third round.

And now Dobbs is trying to help him along, as Landry Jones did for him a year ago. While he’s only been in the league for a year, and has neve taken an NFL snap, he still feels he’s gained some wisdom he can impart to the rookie about life in the NFL.

And if Rudolph is able to take over the backup position, that would make Jones more expendable. That would make it more enticing to keep Dobbs as a developmental number three option. But that’s not why he’s doing it. He is just doing it to help guys out, and to help the team.

It’s cool to come back, talking with the older guys. And you’re talking to the younger guys, like James Washington”, he told 93.7 during OTAs yesterday. Washington is a wide receiver that they drafted in the second round and figures to receive immediate playing time.

Dobbs is just trying to lend a hand in any way he can to the rookies, such as Washington, “talking him through reads, and the thought process from the quarterback position or looks that we’re seeing. Just to help him continue to grow and progress and help us this year”.

The most desirable trait about Dobbs coming out of college was his intelligence, so it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if he is able to be of assistance to the younger players even if he is still a young and inexperienced player himself.

He also seems to be pretty enlightened about just how the NFL works, and sports in general. There is always going to be somebody brought in to challenge you, to push you, to take your job, and he knows that he is fighting for his this year more than he had to last year.

“The league is all about competition. When something is the same year-in and year-out, you kind of get lulled to sleep with that comfort level”, he said. “But when there is constant competition and the coaches are pushing you to compete, bringing in new guys pushing you to compete, then that keeps you sharp every day.  You show up to work ready to go and approach the day at a professional level”.

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