Interview: Rodell Golphin Living NFL Dream With Steelers Tryout

Bringing you another Pittsburgh Steelers’ interview courtesy of our good friend Ron Lippock of the Pittsburgh Sports Daily BulletinToday, Ron interviews John Carroll running back Rodell Golphin, who was brought in for a private workout Friday.

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First – tell me how it went today?

I thought it went pretty good. I just came in for the workout. Ran routes and drills. There wasn’t any timetable for finding out if I will be asked to come back. They told me I was on the short list and they’ll give me a call if they need me.

What do you think is your greatest strength – I know you are known for your speed…

Just like you mentioned….my speed is my advantage that I use against slower guys – against bigger guys other teams bring in.

I think I can be both a third down back and a slot receiver.

Did you work with the coaches or meet any of the other players? What was the process?

I didn’t really get to meet anyone on the team no. When we got there they were still practicing so we just got ready. It was a private workout so no coaches. We had to wait in the lounge area and they asked us our sizes and gave us shirts, towels, and gloves.

We did the 40, shuttle drills….ran through the bags and ran some routes… they didn’t tell us our times. I don’t have an agent but I took my cousin with me who will probably end up representing me.

Any nerves going through it all?

Not really. It was second nature. I was calm. No butterflies. I just looked at it like a day playing against Mount Union.

What was it like as a Cleveland kid trying out for a Pittsburgh team in a Pittsburgh stadium?

I was just in the training facility. It wasn’t weird though. Pittsburgh is a football town. Cleveland too, but Pittsburgh has a history of winning, I just want the opportunity to put on a uniform.

Tell me a bit about how you address those who talk about your size (5′ 7″) as an issue?

I may be a little guy but I don’t just use my speed. I don’t shy away from competition or bigger guys,

I just want an opportunity to showcase my skills, no matter what my size or division I played in

Tell us a bit about you the person – not the player?

Off the field I’m laid back. I don’t go out. I’m a homebody and would rather eat in. I like sitting at home and watching funny shows. I like to play Madden and 2K at times too but I don’t play often. I played when I was bored and was done with my homework.

Any advice for guys going down the same path to the NFL as you?

Just to keep working and working and to be patient. The time will come if someone needs you to come down and contribute.

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