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AB Offers Up Takes On Additions Of Washington, Rudolph; Loss Of Bryant

While Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger may have taken some issue with the organization spending a third-round draft pick a few weekends ago on yet another quarterback, wide receiver Antonio Brown doesn’t concern himself with those kinds of decisions.

“I don’t care who we pick,” Brown told the media following the team’s second OTA practice of 2018 on Wednesday. “Everyone’s a Steeler I welcome with open arms. The best guys are going to be in a helmet to help us win. It’s a competitive league, so I embrace anyone who’s a Steeler, I love everybody who’s a Steeler and hopefully these guys know what being a Steeler means when they get here.

Brown was later asked how he goes about teaching new players how to be a Steeler.

“I think when they walk in the building they understand it,” Brown said. “It’s hard-nose, physical, championship environment, championship culture. A bunch of big time, first class players, a blue-chip-collar city. So I think those guys will learn what it takes in the process of being here.”

One of those new players who appears to be learning quickly what it means to not only be a Steeler, but an NFL wide receiver as well, is James Washington, the team’s second-round draft pick this year out of Oklahoma State. While Brown hasn’t had the opportunity to practice with Washington very long, he has already formulated an opinion on the player who figures to be the offense’s primary deep threat for at least the next four seasons.

“He’s a silent, quiet, humble kid,” Brown said of Washington. “He’s been running his tail off. His GPA was really good yesterday. He’s soaking up the game and being a sponge around all the guys and I’m glad to have him with us.”

While Roethlisberger might have taken issue with the Steelers drafting quarterback Mason Rudolph in the third-round this year, Brown said Wednesday that the team’s other Oklahoma State product is in a great situation now that he’s in Pittsburgh.

“Well, he gets to watch Ben, one of the greatest who’s ever done it,” Brown said of Rudolph. “That’s my take. As a quarterback – you’re right where you want to be – around a great quarterback, a guy who’s done it a long time, someone who’s a champion, someone you can learn from and I think he’s in a great position to learn from Ben. And when he gets an opportunity, whether it’s this year, next year or a couple years from now, I think he’ll be ready from seeing how Ben prepares, see how he goes about his business.”

As far as Brown’s own business goes, as usual, it seems to be booming and even after the team traded away fellow wide receiver Martavis Bryant during the first night of the 2018 NFL Draft and well prior to the selection of Washington in the second-round.

“Well, it’s a business,” said Brown. “I am never surprised by what goes on in a business. I’ve learned to take care of my business and if you take care of your business, you’ll be here.”

Brown also made it clear, as only he can, that he’s not too concerned about the offense now needing to somehow offset the loss of Bryant during the offseason.

“Well, we lose guys every year,” Brown said. “We’ve got to work with the guys here who are in a helmet. Obviously we got some other guys who are willing to step up and if not, just throw me all the passes.”

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