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No One Knows Who The Browns Are Taking At #1

The Cleveland Browns are on the clock in 48 hours. And no one has a clue who they’re taking with that pick.

It’s almost certainly going to be a quarterback. It would be historic if it was another position, especially for a team armed with the fourth pick where they can grab another top talent playing somewhere else. But what QB will they select? That depends on who you ask…or what day it is.

For a large chunk of the pre-draft process, it was assumed their guy was Sam Darnold. Then the tide seemed to shift to Josh Allen. Here’s what Pete Prisco said on April 12th.

“I think he’s going first overall. I hear that too much from guys I respect in the business, who know a lot of people in the business. I’m talking about scouts and personnel people, who know guys and know Dorsey. I just keep hearing — I’ve been saying it for a long time, and I just keep hearing it more and more that he will be the guy who goes No. 1 overall when it’s all said and done.”

And he wasn’t alone. Daniel Jeremiah and others gravitated towards the Wyoming product being the pick. Similar to Ben Roethlisberger in statue, he could fit in Todd Haley’s offense.

As quickly as those rumors began, they died out. The conversation seemed to go back to where it began with Darnold but over the last few days, Baker Mayfield’s name has popped up. Here’s an Adam Schefter report from early Tuesday morning.

Dan Patrick said it’s coming down to Allen or Mayfield.

Bottom line. No one really knows. And we might not know until right before Thursday’s draft. That’s only the tip of the iceberg for what should be a crazy, trade-heavy first round. Buckle up.

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