Steelers News Gives Steelers’ 2018 Draft Class A B+ Grade

The conclusion of the NFL Draft always means that it’s time to start hearing from people about what they think of every team’s draft class and the number of experts who are prepared to throw out letter grades quantifying the newest collection of humanity into the sport.

For the league’s own website, it was Chad Reuter handing out the grades, and he has been assigning each team a grade for every day of the draft. As the draft concluded, he gave each team an overall grade while noting the grade for each individual day as well.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were awarded a B+ for their efforts, the same grade he gave to the other AFC North teams, other than the Baltimore Ravens, who received an A-. The first and second days each received a B+ grade, while he was high on their work on day three, giving him an A.

“The Steelers went safety, as expected, but picked [Terrell Edmunds], the brother of fellow first-round pick Tremaine, instead of Stanford’s Justin Reid and others”, he wrote in recapping the first round. “This was a surprise pick to most, and probably a round early — but given his strength and NFL bloodlines (father, Ferrell, played tight end in the league), but maybe it shouldn’t have been. He’ll be a welcomed addition to the team, either way”.

We’ve probably already beaten this horse to death regarding where or when Edmunds could have been taken, but they clearly liked him enough at that spot to take him and didn’t want to risk losing him. They got to know him well and are confident he’s a fit on and off the field.

“Trading Martavis Bryant to Oakland for a third-round pick meant they needed to find another big-play receiver”, he noted in leading up to the selection of James Washington. “Washington isn’t tall or an elite speedster, but his super-long arms and ability to win the jump ball make him a solid find late in the second round”.

Reuter said that Washington and Mason Rudolph “could make for an interesting duo in a couple of years. Rudolph was a good third-round value”, but he warned that Chukwuma Okorafor “could become a starter, but needs to work harder and faster on the field or he’ll be out of the league fast”.

Suggesting that Marcus Allen “could be used in a linebacker-type role to take advantage of his toughness and agility”, he expressed fondness for the Steelers doubling up at safety. Of Jaylen Samuels, he is a player that “will add another wrinkle to their offense”, and Joshua Frazier “is a perfect fit for a team in need of a hardworking nose tackle”.

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