Nat Berhe Says He’s Always Wanted To Play For Coach Tomlin

It’s gotta be at the top of the list of cliche things a free agent can say about his new hometown but, hey, sometimes it can be true too. Newly signed safety Nat Berhe is apparently a Reddit veteran and over the years, been a regular as part of their AMA, Ask Me Anything, giving fans a chance to interact with someone in the NFL.

Berhe conducted another AMA last week after signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers. There isn’t a ton of note in the Q&A, mostly about how excited he is to be on the team and how he has to get some information on the city (he’s still out in California), but there’s a couple interesting nuggets.

In one response, he said Mike Tomlin was the one coach he wanted to play for after meeting him at the 2014 NFL Combine.

Here’s the question and answer.

Question: Yo what up! What are your thoughts on Mike T? Players seem to love him.

Berhe’s Answer: I’ve wanted to play for Coach Tomlin since I met with him at the Combine in 2014.

Unfortunately, he didn’t respond to a follow-up that asked why he felt that way. Though it’s probably easy to guess given that Tomlin is considered one of the player coaches in the league.

One concern some fans have with his game is its vicious nature, one that could be curbed with the league’s new rules prohibiting a player initiating helmet to helmet contact. Berhe says he isn’t worried about that, pointing out he’s never been penalized for such a hit (I couldn’t verify if that was an 100% accurate statement or not).

“Not at all, I’ve never been penalized or fined for targeting at any level. I just make [collisions] look nasty. I’ll be fine,” Berhe wrote.

He also, for those asking about it, confirmed his last name is pronounced Burr-hey.

Berhe definitely has a care-free attitude and seemed to genuinely love interacting with the people of Reddit. He told several Redditors about planning Pittsburgh meetups and even messaged another his gamertag. Something you’re not going to see with every player.

Of course, what he does on the field is all that really matters. His role is expected to be that of a core special teamer and replacing Robert Golden as the upback on the punt coverage unit.

You can read the whole AMA at the link here. 

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