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Morgan Burnett And Jon Bostic Reveal Jersey Numbers For 2018

Lots of changes on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ roster so you better have that media guide ready when the preseason kicks up. We already told you about Stevan Ridley switching from 38 to 22. He’s one of several Steelers to change numbers and of course, the free agents choosing their number for their first season in Pittsburgh.

Here are the ones we haven’t written about yet. The old number will be in parentheses next to the new number.

Cam Sutton: #20 (34)
Nat Berhe: #31
Morgan Burnett: #42
Jon Bostic: #51

Sutton goes back to the number he wore in training camp before he was bounced after Joe Haden was signed late in the preseason. He took 21 from Robert Golden, who then in turn snatched 20 from Sutton. And I gotta say, 34 did not look good on him.

Burnett, the vet, will keep the number he wore throughout his Packers career. Bostic wore #57 with the Colts last season and hasn’t worn 51 in his NFL career previously. 57 is currently held by Kameron Canaday, who switched after wearing 46 in training camp. Sean Spence wore #51 for the Steelers after he was signed towards the end of 2017.

31 is also a new NFL number for Berhe, who sported 31 and then 29 with the New York Giants. He wore #20 at San Diego State. 31 was most recently held by Ross Cockrell, traded to the Giants at the end of last preseason. Mike Hilton, who is switching to 28 (Edited because I’m dumb).

UDFA linebacker from last year Matt Galambos will wear #40. He wore #46 in training camp last season. A couple other numbers of note:

K/P Matt Wile: #6
WR Tevin Jones:
WR Trey Griffey: #15
S Malik Golden: #39 (he wore #30 in camp last year)
OL Parker Collins: #60

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