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Kevin Colbert On New S Terrell Edmunds: ‘He Comes From A Great Family’

To say that new Pittsburgh Steelers safety Terrell Edmunds has an NFL bloodline is a bit of an understatement. After all, the Virginia Tech product, who was drafted Thursday night in the first-round of the 2018 NFL Draft by the Steelers with the 28th overall pick, is the son of former Miami Dolphins and Seattle Seahawks tight end Ferrell Edmunds, who played seven years in the NFL.

Additionally, Terrell Edmunds’ younger brother, Tremaine Edmunds, who also played at Virginia Tech, was also drafted during the first-round Thursday night by the Buffalo Bills. If that’s not enough, older brother Trey Edmunds, who also went to Virginia Tech, is currently with the New Orleans Saints.

After the Steelers selection of Terrell Edmunds, general manager Kevin Colbert talked quite a bit about the Edmunds family and their strong bond and values.

“He’s an exceptional kid,” Colbert said of the new Steelers safety. “He comes from a great family. His father, Ferrell Edmunds, I was actually with the Miami Dolphins when we drafted him. And his mother, Felicia, great folks. Coach [Mike Tomlin] and I had dinner with Tremaine, Terrell, Felicia and Ferrell back the night before Virginia Tech’s pro day. We had 10 people out and to watch that family interact. It was truly encouraging to see two great players coming from such a great family and it was a neat moment.”

Colbert didn’t stop there with his praise of the Edmunds family.

“His family, you know, his dad was his high school coach and again, I go all the way back to the late eighties with his father and he was a good player for us in Miami,” Colbert said. “And football’s important to them, but the family values of faith and family are more important to that family. And that’s something that Ferrell lived, Felicia lived and you can tell that these kids, they’re special players and they’re special kids and that’s really nice to see.”

In case you want to learn a little more about Terrell Edmunds and the rest of the Edmunds family, NBC Washington did a four-part series on all of them that’s really worth watching and I have embedded the four videos for you below.

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