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For Terrell Edmunds, The Best Moment Of Draft Night Was Seeing Ryan Shazier Walk Across The Stage

In almost any situation, the best part of a player getting drafted is hearing your name called, walking up the steps, having an awkward bro-hug with Roger Goodell, and being center stage of the NFL world, if only for a moment. Last night was a little different for Pittsburgh Steelers’ first round pick Terrell Edmunds, who shared it with Ryan Shazier. Shazier, continuing to be an inspiration, walked in public for the first time to present Edmunds his jersey. For the rookie, it wasn’t a moment of having his thunder stolen. In fact, that was the marquee moment of the night.

That’s what he told the media in his first press conference as a Steeler Friday evening.

“Honestly, I wouldn’t say he stole my shine,” Edmunds told the group of reporters. “It was a great moment for me, actually seeing him up there, smiling, seeing him up there walking, giving me the jersey. It was a special moment for everyone. I’d say that was the moment of the draft. Not hearing my name called. But seeing after the tragic injury he had last year, seeing him up there, walking, smiling, handing me the jersey, that was big for everyone.”

Though it wasn’t even a 15 minute press conference, you got the feel for the type of personality he is. Clearly, someone who is selfless and a hand-in-the-pile guy to do whatever is asked of him.

Perhaps that moment with Shazier will create a special bond between both mend. Later in the presser, Edmunds said he talked to Shazier a second time before the night was over.

“Shazier, he actually called me last night after everything died down. Had a nice little word with me. Told me if I ever need anything, I can call on him for help and he’s being that role model that every team needs. He’s being that leader on the team. So I’m definitely coming to a great organization.”

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