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Le’Veon Bell On Holding Out, Contemplating Retirement: ‘It Depends On How I Feel At That Time And Moment’

Hey…more Le’Veon Bell news. I’m sure you’re super excited for that. Like yesterday, I’m circling Bell news like a vulture because the information comes from the man himself. In a very recent interview with Billboard Magazine, mostly to promote his rap career, Bell touched on his contract status with the Steelers and gave a hint at how he would handle his future if he heads into the season still under the franchise tag.

It’s unclear exactly when the interview was conducted but it was prior to Tuesday’s deadline. Bell said he remained hopeful for a long-term deal to get reached in July but also noted he “didn’t necessarily come in with too much expectation.”

Bell again floated the possibility of holding out longer than just training camp, too.

“But obviously, when the end of July comes, wherever we’re at… if I sign, everybody’ll be happy, but if not, I guess I gotta play it by ear,” Bell told Billboard. “If I’ll be out till Week One, if I’ll be out till Week Ten, or if I’m gonna be out there at all. It depends on how I feel at that time and moment.”

Last season, he did not report for the entire preseason, showing up six days before the opener against the Cleveland Browns. Though he struggled a bit early on, he wound up having another excellent season.

Aaron Donald skipped the first week of last year in protest of his contract status. Week Ten is an important date for him if he truly sits out that long (something that is still unlikely). Returning by then allows him to have an accrued season, basically, for the season to “count.”

The interview focused largely around his music career and Bell says that will keep him busy during the offseason. He told the magazine he plans to drop “two or three” albums before the season begins.

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