James Harrison On Le’Veon Bell’s ‘Villain’ Comments: ‘Welcome To The City’

Le’Veon Bell apparently isn’t the only Steeler who felt like a villain to the city. After Bell’s tweet taking a shot at Steelers’ Nation, where he said he wanted to be the hero but was treated like a villain, an objectively dumb thing to say, James Harrison commented on his post echoing a similar statement.

Harrison’s comment reads: “Welcome to the city.”

Of course, Harrison is well-aware of how a city can change their perception of a player. Fairly or unfairly, Harrison faced heavy criticism for his exit out of Pittsburgh, essentially forcing the team to cut him. Harrison would argue the team didn’t follow through on their promises to play him, others would say even if that’s true, how he handled the situation was unprofessional.

He’d go on to sign with the New England Patriots and appear in the Super Bowl, falling short to the Philadelphia Eagles. The Pats have yet to sign him back.

The general feeling from Steelers’ Nation is a group eager to move on from Bell. Dumping him this offseason is extremely unlikely, and doing so would be foolish, but 2018 is shaping up to be his final year as a Steeler. There’s still a possibility a deal gets done, though not until the July deadline, but if his recent contract demands are true, that hope flies out the window.

No matter how you look at the future, Harrison and Bell clearly feel jaded by the city of Pittsburgh. A feeling that certainly seems mutual.

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