Cam Heyward Wants Tyrann Mathieu To Call Him

It’s going to be awfully tough for the Pittsburgh Steelers to snag free safety Tyrann Mathieu. But Cam Heyward is willing to be the team’s spokesmen to get a deal done. In a bit of jest, but also hopefully a little bit of reality, Heyward tweeted out that the now former Arizona Cardinal safety should give 97 a ring.

The Cardinals officially released Mathieu earlier today after he would not agree to a paycut. Still only 25, he is now the top safety on the market. That would fit a major need in the Steelers’ defense but of course, at that talent and age, means he’s going to have a heavy market and price tag.

Dave Bryan found this quote from Kevin Colbert on Mathieu.

It’s certainly possible the Steelers will have interest but having interest and getting a deal done are two different things. Heyward is going to need to use some Gordon Gekko tactics to convince Mathieu to come to the Steel City.

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