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Steelers Want To Sign Le’Veon Bell To Long-Term Deal, Per Rooney

Though there’s been debate, discussion, and sometimes tension over Le’Veon Bell’s future as a Pittsburgh Steeler, Art Rooney II says he wants to keep Bell for the long-haul. In his annual meeting with the media, which we’ll cover head to toe throughout the day, AR2 made it clear he wants to try to work out a long-term deal with Bell.

Per the Trib’s Joe Rutter.

It’s interesting to hear Rooney not commit to using the franchise tag, which would cost the Steelers $14.5 million in 2018, though you have to think that if a deal can’t get worked out by the tag deadline, the team will use it. If anything, it buys them more time to work out a contract.

While Bell has gone back and forth between saying he would consider retirement to saying he feels he and the team are a lot closer in contract talks, it still sounds like any progress of reaching a deal is a far ways away. Ed Bouchette added to the Adam Schefter report that the two sides still haven’t come together yet. And as is usually the case, nothing gets done until a deadline approaches.

Something Rooney affirmed, per Rutter, while I was writing this article.

Both sides do seem to be approaching this in good faith, which is important, though the same story was said last summer and look what happened. Whole lot of nothing, ultimately.

In a very muddied situation, that much is clear. Bell wants to remain a Steeler, the Steelers want to keep Bell. That doesn’t guarantee a deal getting worked out. But there are worse places to start.

“Well, we’d like to do a long-term deal and that’s certainly what we’re focused on now,” Rooney said on the Wednesday edition of Steelers Live. “And I think he has said the same thing, so I think everybody wants to get to the same place if we can. Obviously, it takes both sides coming to a meeting of the minds to get it done and so we’ll see how it unfolds. A lot of times these things to go up to the last minute and so I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the way it goes.”

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