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Senior Bowl Interview With Hawaii S Trayvon Henderson

The 69th Reese’s Senior Bowl had their annual media day a little more than a week ago. The best chance of the week to talk to the players and find out more than just what they show on tape. Throughout draft season we’ll break up the interviews between some feature articles and some that are just transcript. For this one, a transcript of my interview with Hawaii safety Trayvon Henderson, who had a great week down there.

As a heads up, these were all conducted last Tuesday, before the first day of practice, so the questions reflect that.

Q: Your initial impression on what I’m sure has been an overwhelming week?

A: I feel extremely blessed and honored to be here. Along with other people that played in bigger conferences than the one I was in. Just to be around so much talent and NFL scouts, it’s a different feeling for me. As far as the playbook, it’s not complicated or anything., It’s pretty simple.

Q: What’s the best attribute you bring to Mobile?

Answer: Great personality. Really friendly, not hard to talk to.

Q: You’re a physical, high effort player. Where do those traits come from?

A: Really just comes from who I am. Just something I like to do. Be physical on the field especially at safety. Brian Dawkins is my favorite safety.

Q: Do you consider yourself more of an in the box safety or free safety?

A: Honestly, I prefer to do it all. I would like to be in the box if I could. But if I’m out covering, I most definitely will do that.

Q: Are you comfortable playing man coverage against slot receivers and tight ends?

A: Yeah.

Q: How often did you play man coverage at Hawaii?

A: About half the time. Covering fullbacks, tight end, slot, somebody.

Q: You played special teams, even in your senior season, correct?

A: I played a little bit. But [my coach] told me he wanted to cut my reps down because of how many reps on defense I was playing.

Q: Did you have a favorite team growing up?

A: Philly.

Q: Do you have a favorite player right now? Someone that you model your game after?

A: Not really. I like Kam Chancellor. But they’re missing him right now.

Q: What are you looking to show scouts down here?

A: That it doesn’t matter what conference you come from, what team you come from, there’s athletes across all the nation. Coming from Hawaii, we didn’t get a lot fo scouts coming to our game. And it’s in Hawaii, so it’s tough. Show them that I am versatile. That I can do it all.

Q: What is your approach to playing and stopping the run?

A: I take pride in stopping the run mainly because that’s how teams set up passes. That’s how you set up your playaction. Deep balls, you gotta get the run game going first. If you stop that…

Q: How did you wind up at Hawaii?

A: My high school coach, I guess he was in contact with Daronte’ Jones, who was the DB coach at Hawaii at the time. I don’t know if they were good friends. I don’t know if he contacted him because of me. They ended up giving me my first scholarship my junior year of high school. They just been in contact with me since then. They showed the most love.

Q: What other schools recruited you?

A: Mostly the schools that I played, Mountain West. Colorado State, Fresno State, Nevada, San Diego State, schools like that.

Q: Were you a safety in high school? Did you play both ways?

A: I played both ways.

Q: What were you on offense?

A: I played receiver, tight end, and I was the punter.

Q: What’s the story on punting? Was that something you were doing in middle school?

A: I started doing it in Pop Warner. People saw my calves and thought I might as well punt.

Q: Have you met with the Steelers at all?

A: I filled out a piece of paper for them but nothing formal. [Ed Note: It was likely a questionnaire they hand out to many of the players there.]

Q: What do you know about the Steelers defense?

A: Aggressive. Terrible Towels. High energy. Everything full speed and aggressive.

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