Pre-NFL Combine: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to you all. I’m filling in for Dave Bryan this week while he scales the Himalayas.

Next week will be the 2018 NFL Combine. A time when the draft really cranks into full gear. Shortly after that, will be Pro Days, and pre-draft visits, events that are very important in determining who the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to select. Of course, we’ll be bringing you coverage of that throughout for possible options to Pittsburgh.

The Combine is also a time for teams and agents to fire up contract talks. You can bet there will be a discussion with Le’Veon Bell’s representation sometime during the week. Kevin Colbert will also speak to the media and though I don’t expect him to say anything he hasn’t already said, it’s always good to hear his take on the 2018 draft class.

As usual, we have five questions below for yinz to answer on this Friday night and I look forward to seeing your answers in the comments.

Have a great weekend and please be safe. Peace and love, peace and love!

1. Is there any scenario where you’d support the Steelers not taking either an ILB or S with the 28th overall pick? If you do support it, what position and/or player would you want them to select?

2. If you were the GM, would you try to trade Martavis Bryant this offseason? What would you want in return?

3. Do you want Lawrence Timmons to come back to Pittsburgh? If you do, what role would he have?

4. Tell us one prospect you hope the Steelers meet with at the Combine.

5. Earlier this week, Dave took us back in the time machine to remember Rick Strom, who briefly was the backup QB in the early 90s. Tell us one obscure Steeler (from any era) that you still remember for reasons you don’t quite understand (mine is Barrett Brooks).

Recap Of Second Offseason Friday Night Questions

Question 1 – A solid 55% majority believe the Steelers will sign a free agent inside linebacker during the first three weeks of the new league year which begins March 14th with a salary averaging $4 million or more a year. Some of the minority believe an inside linebacker will be signed but will not meet the parameters of the question.

Question 2 – Washington Redskin Zach Brown (10) & Tennessee Titan Avery Williamson (8) were the two most popular free agent inside linebackers we want to see signed by the Steelers. NY Jets Demario Davis (3) was a distant 3rd.

Question 3 – The consensus (over half) of respondents was using Cam Sutton instead of William Gay as the way to get him on the field in 2018. About a quarter of us say let him compete against Artie Burns for the starting position (clearly some are unhappy with Burns progress) or at least set up a rotation if he does not win the starting job out right. A few mentioned special teams including returning punts. There were also a few mentions of trying him out as a free safety.

Question 4 – The question we would want to ask Kevin Colbert varied widely but two themes emerged. A third of us had questions about Le’Veon Bell’s contract status. BurghBoy412 gave us, “Are you tired of being asked about Le’Veon Bell’s contract yet?” The other theme was various questions about the defense including specifics like “Why is Mike Mitchell still on the roster?” or “Why does Joey Porter still have a job?” to more general, “Why is the team so bad when it comes to evaluating DB trades” or “Do you feel the issues on defense is more a talent or communication issue?” Then questions about how Bell’s contract will impact cap space to acquire defensive needs. Spencer Krick had the question that would most likely get Colbert to open up with a full and detailed response: “What is your favorite sandwich?”

Questions 5 – Eleven of the 15 players with Reserve/Futures contracts were named as being someone we really want to see compete for a roster spot in 2018. LB Farrington Huguenin (11) & S Jordan Dangerfield (11) had the most mentions. S Malik Golden (9); WR Marcus Tucker (5); WR Trey Griffey (4); LB Keith Kelsey (4); CB Deshaun Phillips (3); DE Darnell Leslie (he’ll probably be converted to OLB) (2); TE Jake McGee (2); WR Tevin Jones (2) & LB Matt Galambos (1) followed. The futures players who did not get a mention were DE Lavon Hooks; RB James Summers; WR Justin Thomas & P Matt Wile.


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