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Pittsburgh Will Dedicate St. Patrick’s Day Parade To Dan Rooney

The March 17th St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Pittsburgh will be dedicated to one man: Dan Rooney.

That news was announced yesterday by the city’s official parade committee. In part, from WTAE, they wrote:

“The Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee announced it will honor the late U.S. Ambassador to Ireland and Pittsburgh Steelers legend by dedicating the 2018 Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade to Daniel M. Rooney.

‘It is extremely rare that we dedicate the entire parade to one individual,” said Mac McCafferty, Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade Chairman. “But last year when we got the news of Mr. Rooney’s passing, our former Parade Chairman Pat O’Brien made the suggestion that we dedicate this year’s parade to the former ambassador, which received immediate and unanimous support from everyone involved with the parade.'”

The Rooneys, well-known for their Irish heritage, have been family owned since The Chief bought the team on July 8th, 1933 for $2500.

Dan Rooney also served as an Ambassador to Ireland from 2009 to 2012. He became the first Irish ambassador to visit all 32 countries in Ireland.

“In this year’s parade, members of the Rooney family and representatives from the Steelers organization will participate in the parade as honored guests,” the committee announced for next month’s parade. “Mr. Rooney’s legacy will be celebrated in several ways, from recognition on official parade T-shirts to acknowledgement at the parade and several related pre-parade events and activities.”

One of Rooney’s sons, Jim, said he and the family were honored.

“My father always loved the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade. In the 1950s, he was involved in the planning of the parade and marched in it every year back then. ”

Dan Rooney passed away on April 13th and the city grieved for his loss. But in a little more than a month, his life will be celebrated once again.

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