Photo: Terrible Towel Makes An Appearance At Winter Olympics

Steelers’ Nation is everywhere. And so are their Terrible Towels. Even in South Korea for the Winter Olympics, you can spot someone twirling the Steelers’ official flag.

That’s thanks to the family of John-Henry Krueger, a Pittsburgh native, who won silver in the speed skating over the weekend. Take a look at his run.

As you can see in the video, a crash in one of the early turns wiped out three of the five skaters, leaving only Kruger and gold medalist Samuel Girard of Canada. It was the first USA medal in the event in eight years, per CBS Sports.

Kruger’s family, who resides in Peters Township just outside of the city, was in attendance, waving their Terrible Towel with pride.

“Now I’m the young kid from Pittsburgh who came back from an adversity and who ended up being the top in the world,” Kruger told CBS after the win.

He had battled swine flu during past Olympic trials that prevented him from having a chance to compete for a medal. A great story, a great moment of redemption, and a medal that now belongs to Pittsburgh, PA.

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