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NFL Strongly Considering Eliminating ‘Going To Ground’ Rule

They call it “going to the ground.” You probably know it as “the Jesse James catch.” And for 2018, it may finally be eliminated. It’s sounding more and more likely the NFL will ax that portion of the rule in determining a completion.

From’s Judy Battista.

Mike Tomlin is part of that competition committee and has previously said catch rules need to be “revisited.”

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert later expanded on the thought process. Sounds like most of the owners are in favor of the rule change.

“The NFL competition committee appears to have unanimous agreement that controversial catch rulings involving Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson should have been ruled complete, according to Giants owner John Mara. So the committee is working on changing the rule to relax the ‘going to the ground’ requirement.”

James, of course, had his game-winning TD overturned against New England after officials determined he did not maintain control while going to the ground, the ball slightly moving as he extended over the goal line. While many, including Art Rooney, agree it was called correctly, they’ve also signified a need to change the ruling.

Earlier this month, Rooney said he was “for looking at it.” Sounds like he is one of many in the NFL willing to change it. Amen to that.

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