First Offseason Weekend Of 2018: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Steelers Depot Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to yinz and welcome to the first football-free weekend of 2018. It’s hard to even type that. That’s right, we’re now seven full months away from the first NFL regular season game of the 2018. At least the 2017 season ended on a positive note last Sunday thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles beating the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

Pittsburgh Steelers team president Art Rooney II held his annual end-of-the-season media tour this past week and really nothing came out of his mouth that was a surprise. I suppose the next Steelers front office member we’ll be hearing from is general manager Kevin Colbert when he holds his annual combine press conference.

As yinz can surely tell by now, we are in draft season mode and thus you should start seeing even more player profiles being published starting Saturday morning. Three weeks from now we’ll be discussing some scouting combine performances and that’s always an exciting time of the offseason.

As usual, the Friday night five question series goes on throughout the offseason and below are this week’s offerings that I hope several of you will take time to answer in the comments below.

Have a great weekend and peace and love to all of yinz.

1 – The Patriots losing aside, what did you think of this year’s Super Bowl? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being fantastic, give Super Bowl LII a number grade and please do not factor the Patriots losing into that.

2 – Of the Steelers two new defensive coaches, Karl Dunbar and Tom Bradley, which one are you more exited about and why?

3 – If you were running the Eagles, would you trade Nick Foles during the offseason and if so, what would you expect to get in return for him if?

4 – True or false: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will win at least one Super Bowl before he retires. If you missed it, below is a look at the big contract that Garoppolo just signed.

5 – What is one main and very important thing or lesson the Steelers should have learned from the Eagles this past season?

Recap last week’s Friday night questions per David Orochena:

We have a winner! But first a recap of last week’s questions.

Question 1 – We were split on which AFC team that did not make the 2017 playoffs would be in it next year. The Texans (7), Ravens (7) & Chargers (6) were the most popular choices. The Packers (20) was the consensus in the NFC with the Cowboys (5) being the only other team to get more than one vote. As for the 2017 playoff teams that would be on the outside in 2018: The Bills (11) edged the Titans (10) in the AFC. Though one infamous person said the Steelers would be out! In the NFC the Panthers (12) were a clear choice over the Falcons (5) & Vikings (4).

Question 2 – We named seven teams that Kirk Cousins could ultimately play for in 2018. The Broncos (15) was the clear choice followed by the Jets (4), Browns (3), Cardinals (3), Vikings (2), Jaguars (1) & Bills (1).

Question 3 – Nick Foles was way over 22.5 with 28 completions. 20 of 29 respondents got three points for this one.

Question 4 – 50/50. 15 chose heads and won. 14 chose tails and lost.

Question 5 – Rob Gronkowski’s 116 receiving yards crushed the 74.5 over/under. 17 took the over and got the point. 12 missed out.

Bonus 1 – The Price is Right question: closest to the answer without going over. The Patriots & Eagles combined for 74 points which exceeded the highest prediction of 69 by Wes Lee. Jason Campbell was next closet with 67 – no one was over. Tack on 17 explosive plays of 20 or more yards (5 of the 9 TD’s were scored from outside the 20) and 2 turnovers gives the total at 93 – as someone said, that’s what you get when you have super bowl caliber offenses playing pro bowl defenses. Hope this is not the new NFL; we have the NBA for all offense and no defense.

Bonus 2 – The Hall of Fame selection committee got it wrong again and denied Alan Faneca enshrinement into Canton. The 18 naysayers got the points.

Seven folks tracked up 12 points apiece this final week; but it was not enough to unseat Alan Tman who scored 10 points by taking the overs and said no to the last bonus question. Alan has maintained the lead since Week 8 with five different people who challenged him for the lead during that period. You are the top Steelers Depot prognosticator of the 2017 Friday Night Questions season. Kudos!

We had 162 different people answer the Friday Night Questions at least one time.  Nine folks responded all 23 weeks.

Here is the final leaderboard:

1st Place – Alan Tman with 58.5 points (The Man!)

2nd Place – Wes Lee with 53.5 points

3rd Place – Darth Blount 47 with 52.5 points

4th Place – DirtDawg1964 with 52 points

5th Place – Chris92021with 47.5 points

6th Place – Matt Manzo with 47 points

7th Place – Jeff McNeil with 44.5 points

8th Place- (tie) Marcel Chris Chauvet & heath miller 43.5 points

10th Place – Jaybird with 41.5 points

11th Place – LucasY59 with 41 points

12th Place – Pittfan with 40 points

13th Place – Josh Cummings with 39.5

14th Place – Phil Brennenman II with 38 points

15th Place – SkoolHouseRoxx with 37 points

16th Place – J. with 36.5 points

17th Place – (tie) Kevin Schwartz & Ted Webb with 35.5 points

19th Place – SJT63 with 35 points

20th Place – Reader783 with 33 points

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