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Art Rooney II Admits To Rooting Against Patriots During Super Bowl LII

If you were happy to see the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII this past Sunday, you were certainly not alone as Pittsburgh Steelers team president Art Rooney II was also glad to see his franchise remain the untied all-time NFL leader in Super Bowls won with six.

“I must admit, I’m still happy that is the case,” Rooney said when asked during his Thursday morning interview on DVE Radio if there’s any part of him that’s glad the Steelers Lombardi trophy total was not affected on Sunday and that they still have the most all-time.

Rooney was then asked to confirm that he was indeed rooting against the Patriots on Sunday and his answer, while obvious, was an enlightening one.

“I was, although I have to say I think it’s more important that we figure out how to stay ahead of them then to worry about them losing games,” Rooney said. “That’s the way I’d rather approach it.”

So along those lines, what has Rooney come up with so far this offseason?

“Well, we have work to do,” Rooney said. “You know, it’s early in the offseason and the guys are just getting started on the draft and we’ve got salary cap work to do, a few people we would like to sign. So it’ll be a busy off season as usual.”

Rooney was then asked if the Eagles success this past season entices him to rethink how the Steelers roster should be set up moving forward being as Philadelphia doesn’t have a ton of All-Pros, only a lot of good players everywhere.

“Well, you know, you’ve got to give them credit,” Rooney said of the Eagles. “They’ve done a great job. I must say that probably the smartest thing they did was sign their backup quarterback and a really a pretty amazing performance by him in the Super Bowl. But, you know, they’re a solid team, a lot of good players at a lot of different positions are. But, you know, the other side of it is, look, I like our roster. I mean, not that we don’t have places we’d like to improve on, but, you know, I like our roster and think we can play with the best and that’s how we’re approaching this next season.”

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