Shazier Recent Tweet Shows His Continued Optimism About A Possible Return

The Pittsburgh Steelers and linebacker Ryan Shazier have released very little regarding the team’s former first-round draft pick’s long term prognosis. Last night, however, a tweet from Shazier gave a subtle hint about his feelings on returning in a reply to cornerback Joe Haden saying that he looks forward to returning in 2018.

“Ima be right witcha,” Shazier tweeted to Haden.

Shazier, who suffered a serious spinal injury versus the Cincinnati Bengals on December 4th, has not spoken out much about his injury or any future intentions. There has been no official statement from Shazier regarding playing football again.

This tweet comes over a week after Shazier’s father, Vernon Shazier, said that Ryan’s progress would be kept quiet until Ryan is ready to speak about the injury in depth.

Vernon Shazier also said that he believes the Pro Bowler will play football again.

“Yes, yes I do. I Shalieve, I Shalieve”, he said.

There are a million questions to ask about Shazier’s injury. If he comes back, how long will his rehab process take? Will he ever be the same player again? Will he have to change his style of play? Among others. These are all questions that we will not know the answers to until he speaks out officially. This single tweet of four words, however, provides us with a small glimpse of Shazier’s thought process. He wants to be back on the field playing for the Steelers again at some point.

On Tuesday, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was asked if he has any updated information on Shazier’s current condition that he’d like to pass along near the end of his end-of-season press conference.

Nothing has changed there,” Tomlin said. “He’s fighting and fighting every day. We’re probably going to have more time to support him, and I’m sure guys are doing that. It’s less formal and just more appropriate right now. He’s a teammate and a brother. Guys have acted appropriately so. The 2017 season is over, but obviously he’s in the midst of a fight, and we’re going to continue to support him daily in that.”

For now, all we all can continue to do is hope and pray that Shazier continues to make progress in his long battle back. Like him and his family, we should keep on Shalieving.

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